Riverside Records Catalog: Judson 3000 series

Judson 3000 series (12 inch LP)

L 3001   Chauncey Gray And His Orchestra Play The Music Of George Gershwin - Dance Time!

no details

L 3002   Various Artists - An Evening With Offenbach - Orchestral Selections From Paris Life, Tales Of Hoffman, Orpheus, etc.

no details

L 3003   Herb Strauss, Accompanied By Mundell Lowe And His Friends - Folk Music For People Who Hate Folk Music

Mundell Lowe (guitar)
NYC, around 1957
Ten Thousand Miles
Mundell Lowe (guitar) Herb Strauss (vocals)
Raisins And Almonds
Dom Cortese (accordion) Mundell Lowe (guitar) Eddie Safranski (bass) Herb Strauss (vocals)
Soanish Is The Loving Tongue
Phil Bodner (flute, English horn) Mundell Lowe (guitar) Eddie Safranski (bass) Herb Strauss (vocals)
Story Of Shenandoah
Aura Lee
Come My Pretty Lady
Mundell Lowe (guitar) Eddie Safranski (bass) Phil Krauss, Bobby Rosengarden (percussion) Herb Strauss (vocals)
La Jesucita
Water Boy
** also issued on Riverside RM 7541, RS 97541.

L 3004   The Piano Of Kenny Drew - A Harry Warren Showcase

Kenny Drew (piano) Wilbur Ware (bass)
Reeves Sound Studios, NYC, 1957
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
Lullaby Of Broadway
Remember Me
Jeepers Creepers
I Only Have Eyes For You
You're My Everything
You'll Never Know
The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
Serenade In Blue
About A Quarter To Nine
September In The Rain
** part of Milestone MCD-47070-2.

L 3005   The Piano Of Kenny Drew - A Harold Arlen Showcase

Kenny Drew (piano) Wilbur Ware (bass): same session
Reeves Sound Studios, NYC, 1957
Come Rain Or Come Shine
That Old Black Magic
Over The Rainbow
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
As Long As I Live
It's Only A Paper Moon
Stormy Weather
I've Got The World On A String
Let's Fall In Love
Ill Wind
Blues In The Night
Get Happy
** part of Milestone MCD-47070-2.

L 3006   Viennese Waltzes And Polkas - An Evening With Strauss

no details

L 3007   no information

L 3008   French Folk Songs By Francoise Prevost - Chansons Populaires Francaises

no details

L 3009   Lenny Herman And His Orchestra - Dancing In The Dark

no details

L 3010   Sung By Dylan Todd - Love Songs-Old And New

no details

J 3011   Various Artists - Cuban Carnival

Ignacio Pineiro, Oscar "Floresita" Velasco, Pedro Mena, Carlos Embale, Bienvenido Leon, Adriano Rodriguez, Oracio Endibo, Ana Maria Garcia, Giraldo Rodriguez, Pedro Aspirina, Raul "Nasaco" Diaz, Gerardo Valdes, Nicholas Mauro
"Buena Vista Social Club", Havana, Cuba, spring 1955
Tumbando Cana (Conga)
El Barracon (Conga)
Consuelate Como Yo (Rumba Guaganco)
Dondon Estabas Anoche (Rumba Guaganco)
Ultima Rumba (Rumba Guaganco)
La Chambelona (Conga Liberal)
Tumba La Cana (Conga Conservatore)
Siento Un Bombo (Conga)
Desengana De Los Roncos (Rumba Guaganco)
Malanga (Rumba Columbia)
Ava Maria Morena (Rumba Yambo)
Mirala Que Linda Viene (Conga)
** also issued on Washington WLP 728 entitled "Cuban Festival - Traditional Music Of The Famous Havana Festival". Riverside RLP 4005; Milestone MCD-9337-2 entitled "Festival In Havana".

J 3012   Emil Cote Choir - Songs My Mother Taught Me

no details

J 3013   Will Rogers Jr., Tom Scott - Great American Folk Heroes

no details

J 3014   Geoffrey Holder's Steel Drum Trio

no details

J 3015   no information

J 3016   Henry Morgan!

no details

J 3017   Billy Faier, and others - Banjo, Banjo And More Banjos

no details

J 3018   The Music Of Leroy Anderson Played By The Buddy Weed Trio

no details

J 3019   no information

J 3020   no information

J 3021   Geoffrey Moore - Songs Of Thomas Moore

no details

J 3022   Chauncey Gray And His Orchestra - C'est Manifique

no details
** also issued on Riverside RM 7504, RS 97504.

J 3023   no information

J 3024   no information

J 3025   no information

J 3026   no information

J 3027   no information

J 3028   no information

J 3029   no information

J 3030   no information

J 3031   The Laurel River Valley Boys - Music For Moonshiners

no details
** also issued on Riverside RM 7505, RS 97505 entitled "Dance All Night With A Bottle In Your Hand".