Ray Draper Catalog

1957 (age 17)

Ray Draper Quintet - Tuba Sounds  (Prestige PRLP 7096)

Ray Draper, tuba; with Jackie McLean, alto sax; Mal Waldron, piano; Spanky DeBreast, bass; Ben Dixon, drums; and introducing Webster Young, trumpet.

Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, March 15, 1957

1143House Of Davis
1144Terry Anne
1145You're My Thrill
1147Jackie's Dolly
1148Mimi's Interlude

** also released on Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-1936-2.

The Ray Draper Quintet Featuring John Coltrane  (New Jazz NJLP 8228)

Ray Draper, tuba; John Coltrane, tenor sax #1-5; Gil Coggins, piano; Spanky De Brest, bass; Larry Ritchie, drums.

Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, December 20, 1957

1. 1410Under Paris Skies
2. 1411Clifford's Kappa
3. 1412Filide
4. 1413Two Sons
5. 1414Paul's Pal
6. 1415I Hadn't Anyone Till You

** also released on Prestige MPP-2507 as The John Coltrane|Ray Draper Quintet. on Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-986-2.


Ray Draper - A Tuba Jazz  (Jubilee JLP 1090)

Ray Draper, tuba; John Coltrane, tenor sax; Jon Mayer as John Maher, piano; "Spansky" DeBrest, bass; Larry Ritchie, drums.

NYC, November, 1958

B11145Essii's Dance
B11147I Talk To The Trees
B11150Angel Eyes

** also released on Josie JJM 3504 as Ray Draper. on Roulette (E) CD-ROU 1012, CDP 7 93901 2 as John Coltrane - Like Sonny.
** part of Roulette RE-128 as Joe Newman, Zoot Sims, Ray Draper, John Coltrane - Echoes Of An Era: Locking Horns.

1969 (age 29)

Red Beans And Rice Featuring Ray Draper  (Epic BN 26461)

Phil Wood (Taurus), trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, arranger, vocal; David Dahlsten (Aries), trombone, congas; Richard Aplan (Capricorn), tenor sax, bass clarinet, arranger; Bob Hogans (Virgo), organ, vocal, valve trombone; Tommy Trujillo (Virgo), guitar, vocal; Ron Johnson (Aries), bass; Paul Lagos (Cancer), drums; Ray Draper (Leo), vocal, tuba, valve trombone, arranger, leader; Rodney Gooden III (Scorpio), vocal, bass clarinet.

released 1969

Empty Streets
Gentle Old Sea
Let My People Go
Mess Around
If You Ever Wanna