Ravi Coltrane Catalog

1997 (age 32)

Ravi Coltrane - Moving Pictures   BMG France (F) 74321558872   1998

Ravi Coltrane, tenor, soprano sax; Michael Cain, piano; Lonnie Plaxico, bass; Jeff "Tain" Watts, drums; with Ralph Alessi, trumpet #1,3,7,11; Steve Coleman, alto sax #9,11; Jeremiah McFarlane, djembe #1,6,11; Junior Gabu Wedderburn, lead djembe #1,6,11; Clyde Wedderburn, djun-djun #1,6,11.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, October 15-17, 1997

1.Interlude - Thursday
3.Tones For Jobe Kain
4.In Three For Thee
6.Search For Peace
7.Mixed Media
8.High Windows
9.Inner Urge
10.When You Dream
11.Outerlude - Still Thursday


Ravi Coltrane - From The Round Box   BMG France (F) 74321739232   2000

Ralph Alessi, trumpet, flugelhorn; Ravi Coltrane, tenor, soprano sax; Geri Allen, piano; James Genus, bass; Eric Harland, drums; Andy Milne, piano #9.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, September 29, 30, and December 7, 1999

1.Social Drones
2.The Chartreuse Mean
3.Word Order
4.Blues A La Carte
5.Monk's Mood
7.The Blessing
9.Between Lines


Ravi Coltrane - Mad 6   Eighty-Eight's (J) VRCL-6004   2002

Ravi Coltrane, tenor, soprano sax; George Colligan, piano #1,4-6,10; Andy Milne, piano #2,3,7-9; Darryl Hall, bass #1,4-6,10; James Genus, bass #2,3,7-9; Steve Hass, drums.

Avatar Studios, NYC, May 26 and 27, 2002

2.Ginger Bread Boy
4.The Mad 6
5.Self Portrait In Three Colors
6.Between Lines
7.'Round Midnight
8.The Return Of Olymbus
9.Ask Me Now
10.Fifth House

** also released on Columbia CK 87173 in 2002.


Ravi Coltrane - In Flux   Savoy SVY 17444   2005

Ravi Coltrane, tenor, soprano sax; Luis Perdomo, piano; Drew Gress, bass; E.J. Strickland, drums; special guest: Luisito Quintero, percussion #6.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, June-July, 2004

1.The Message, Part I
3.Variations III
5.Leaving Avignon
6.Blending Times
7.Dear Alice
8.Angular Realms
9.Scram Vamp
10.Variations I
12.For Zoe

2006 (age 41)

Ravi Coltrane - Blending Times   Savoy SVY 17744   2009

Ravi Coltrane, tenor sax; Luis Perdomo, piano #1-9; Drew Gress, acoustic bass #1-9; EJ Strickland, drums #1-9; special guests: Brandee Younger, harp #10; Charlie Haden, acoustic bass #10.

Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ, August 14 and 15, 2006;
Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, February 27, 2007;
Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ, August 20-22, 2007;
Capitol Tower, Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2007

2.First Circuit
3.A Still Life
7.One Wheeler Will
8.The Last Circuit
9.Before With After
10.For Turiya


Ravi Coltrane - Spirit Fiction   Blue Note 509999 18937 2 7   2012

Ralph Alessi, trumpet #2,5,8,9; Joe Lovano, tenor sax #9,10; Ravi Coltrane, tenor, soprano sax; Luis Perdomo, piano #1,3,4,7,11; Geri Allen, piano #2,5,8-10; Drew Gress, bass #1,3,4,7,11; James Genus, bass #2,5,8,9; E.J. Strickland, drums #1,3,4,6,7,11; Eric Harland, drums #2,5,8,9.

Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ;
Sear Sound, NYC;
Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, released 2012

1.Roads Cross
3.Spirit Fiction
4.The Change, My Girl
5.Who Wants Ice Cream
6.Spring & Hudson
7.Cross Roads
8.Yellow Cat
9.Check Out Time
11.Marilyn & Tammy