Nat Wright Discography


Nat Wright

Nat Wright, vocal.

NYC, 1959

AMP 45-4058When I'm Holding Your HandABC-Paramount 45-9980
AMP 45-4059To End Of World-

Nat Wright, vocal; Don Costa, arranger, conductor.

AMP 45-3637AnythingABC-Paramount 45-10015
AMP 45-3640For You My Love-

Nat Wright, vocal; O.B. Masingill, arranger, conductor.

AMP 45-3786You Don't KnowABC-Paramount 45-10045
AMP 45-3787You Don't Own Your Love-

Nat Wright, vocal; Sid Feller, arranger, conductor.

AMP 45-3868Ol' Man RiverABC-Paramount 45-10078
AMP 45-3869The Young And The Lonely-

same session.

AMP 45-3870Our Bells Of LoveABC-Paramount 45-10115
AMP 45-3871Path Of Pride-

* ABC-Paramount 45-9980   Nat Wright - When I'm Holding Your Hand / To End Of World   1959
* ABC-Paramount 45-10015   Nat Wright - Anything / For You My Love   1959
* ABC-Paramount 45-10045   Nat Wright - You Don't Know / You Don't Own Your Love   1959
* ABC-Paramount 45-10078   Nat Wright - Ol' Man River / The Young And The Lonely   1960
* ABC-Paramount 45-10115   Nat Wright - Our Bells Of Love / Path Of Pride   1960?


Nat Wright

Shelly Gold, flute; Jimmy Giuffre, tenor sax; Tommy Flanagan, piano; Jimmy Raney, guitar; Ron Carter, bass; Ronnie Bedford, drums; Nat Wright, vocal; Mal Waldron, conductor, arranger.

NYC, September, 1960

Secret LoveWarwick W 2040
This Nearly Was Mine-
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me-
I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good-
Sophisticated Lady-

Benny Green, trombone; Shelly Gold, flute; Coleman Hawkins, tenor sax; Wynton Kelly, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums; Nat Wright, vocal; Mal Waldron, conductor, arranger.

My Man's Gone Now-
Johnny One Note-
You Let My Love Grow Cold-

* Warwick W 2040, W 2040 ST   Nat Wright - The Biggest Voice In Jazz   1961