Muriel Winston Catalog


Muriel Winston - A Fresh Viewpoint  (Strata-East SES-7411)

Clifford Jordan (flute) Stanley Cowell (piano) Bill Lee (bass violin) Billy Higgins (drums, percussion) Muriel Winston (voice, vocals, recitation, piano) and Children's Chorus: Becky Childs, Shirley Childs, LaVerne Gilliam, Joy Lee, Natalie Roche, Theresa Roche (chorus)
Minot Sound, White Plains, NY, October 21 & 31, 1974
Children's Trilogy: a. Play School / b. Draw A Bucket Of Water / c. Take Me Back
We'll Remember Those Years
A Song For My Daddy
Sing Chillun Sing
The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
A Song To Everyone In The World
Never Been In Love
Soul Trane
I'm Never Happy Anymore
Love Took The 7:10 Tonight
The Happy Heart