Mercury Records Discography: 1973-present

1976 (31th anniversary)

Jimmy Smith With Orchestra

Chuck Findley, Jerry Hey, Nolan Smith (trumpet) George Bohanon (trombone) Kim Hutchcroft, Fred Jackson (alto sax) Ernie Watts (tenor sax) Stanley Behrens (harmonica) Herbie Hancock (piano) Jimmy Smith (organ, synthesizer) Alan Silvestri (guitar, arranger) Abraham Laboriel (electric bass) Lenny White (drums) Steve Forman (percussion) William Champlin, Vennette Gloud, Afreeka Trees (vocals) Carmen Twillie (vocals, arranger) Eugene McDaniels, Jerry Peters (arranger)
The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA & Wally Heider Recording Studio III, Los Angeles, CA, December, 1976
2-53298Give Up The BootyMercury SRM 1-1127
2-53299Can't Hide LoveMercury SRM 1-1127, 73895
2-53300CherrystonesMercury SRM 1-1127
2-53301My Place In SpaceMercury SRM 1-1127, 73895
2-53302Medley: Born To Groove / From You To Me To YouMercury SRM 1-1127
2-53303Slippery Hips-
* Mercury SRM 1-1127   Jimmy Smith - Sit On It!
* Mercury 73895   Jimmy Smith With Orchestra (no details)

Gabor Szabo

Bunndino Siggalucci (piano) Jimmy Sigler (organ) Dexter Wansel (synthesizer) Theodore Life, Ken Miller, Bunndino Siggalucci, Gabor Szabo (guitar) Raymond Earl (bass) Scotty Miller (drums) Johnnie McCann (congas, bongos) Theodore Life, Bunndino Siggalucci, Gabor Szabo (vocals) Bunny Sigler aka Bunndino Siggalucci (producer)
Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA, released 1976
Concorde (Nightflight)Mercury SRM-1-1091
Funny Face-
Baby Rattle Snake-
Theme For Gabor-
Keep Smilin'-
Every Minute Counts-
Smooth Sailin'-
* Mercury SRM-1-1091   Gabor Szabo - Nightflight


Gabor Szabo

Bobby "The Genie" Lyle (electric piano) Gabor Szabo (acoustic guitar) Marlon "The Magician" McClain (electric guitar, electrical guitar gadgets) Nathaniel Phillips (electric bass) Bruce Carter (drums) added Dean Gant (synthesizer programs) I. "Rini" Kramer (cabasa, vibraharp, guiro) Vance "Mad Dog" Tenort (percussion) with Bonnie Douglas, Assa Drori, Irving Geller, Irma Neumann, Haim Shtrum, Robert Sushel (violin) Paul C. Shure (violin, leader) Carroll Stephens (violin, contractor) James Dunham, Janet Lakatos (viola) Nathan Gershman, David H. Speltz (cello) + Oscar Brashear, Danny Christianson (trumpet) George Bohannon (trombone) Ernie Watts (tenor sax) James O. Stewart (guitar) + Cheryl "Boonie" Alexander, Saundra "Pan" Alexander, Sylvia St. James, Deborah "Punkin'" Shotlow (backing vocals)
ABC Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA, March & April, 1977
The BizMercury SRM-1-1141
Magic Mystic Faces-
Gloomy Day-
Desiring You-
Misty Malarky Ying Yang-
The Last Song-
* Mercury SRM-1-1141   Gabor Szabo - Faces

Jimmy Smith Tentet

Blue Mitchell (trumpet) Stanley Behrens (flute) John Phillips (flute, sax) Teddy Edwards, Harold Land (tenor sax) Jimmy Smith (organ, piano, arranger, conductor) Ray Crawford (guitar) Kevin Brandon (bass) Kenny Dixon (drums) Buck Clarke (percussion)
"Jimmy Smith's Supper Club", Hollywood, CA, July 6 & 7, 1977
2-53821It's NecessaryMercury SRM 1-1189
2-53822For Your Love-
2-53823Side-Mouthin'Mercury SRM 1-1189, 73972
2-53824I've Got Love On My MindMercury SRM 1-1189
2-53825My Little Red Top-
2-53826Sometimes I'm Happy-
2-53827Say It Again, Jim-
* Mercury SRM 1-1189   Jimmy Smith - It's Necessary
* Mercury 73972   Jimmy Smith Tentet (no details)


Jimmy Smith Nonet

Nolan Smith (trumpet) Stanley Behrens (flute) John Phillips (tenor sax, flute) Jimmy Smith (organ, piano, synthesizer, arranger) Ray Crawford (guitar) Kevin Brandon (bass) Kenny Dixon (drums) Buck Clarke, Stephanie Spruill (percussion)
Los Angeles, CA, January 27 & February 1, 1978
2-54252StevieMercury SRM 1-3716
2-54253Norristown, PA.-
2-542548 Counts For Rita-
2-54255Unfinished Business-
2-54256Blues For Charlie-
2-54257Until It's Time For You To Go-
* Mercury SRM 1-3716   Jimmy Smith - Unfinished Business

Jimmy Smith Octet

Nolan Smith (trumpet) John Phillips (tenor sax) Jimmy Smith (organ, synthesizer, arranger) Ronnie Foster (electric synthesizer, arranger) David T. Walker (guitar) Abraham Laboriel (electric bass) James Gadson (drums) Stephanie Spruill (percussion)
Los Angeles, CA, January 27 & February 1, 1978
2-54258Serpentine FireMercury SRM 1-3716
* Mercury SRM 1-3716   Jimmy Smith - Unfinished Business

1984 (39th anniversary)

Billy Higgins Quartet

Gary Bias (woodwinds) William Henderson (piano) Tony Dumas (bass) Billy Higgins (drums) special thanks to: Dr. Riza Jardan (president)
Sound Logic, Glendale, CA, April 12 & May 29, 1984
Dance Of The ClonesRiza RRL-85-104
John Coltrane-
Morning Awakening-
East Side Stomp-
* Riza RRL-85-104; Evidence ECD 22061-2   Mr. Billy Higgins
= Mercury (J) 32JD-157   Billy Higgins - East Side Stomp

2007 (62th anniversary)

Kenny Barron Trio +

Kenny Barron (piano) Kiyoshi Kitagawa (bass) Francisco Mela (drums) featuring Steve Wilson (soprano sax #1,3,6) Lionel Loueke (guitar #7-9) Ann Hampton Calloway (vocals #2) Grady Tate (vocals #4) Gretchen Parlato (vocals #8)
NYC, December 12 & 13, 2007
1.The TravelerEmArcy (Eu) 5307530
3.Speed Trap-
4.Um Beijo-
5.The First Year-
10.Memories Of You-
* EmArcy (Eu) 5307530; Sunnyside SSC 3079   Kenny Barron - The Traveler


The Smothers Brothers

Dick Smothers, Tom Smothers (vocals, guitar)
"Melodyland Theatre", Anaheim, CA & "Circle Star Theatre", San Carlos, CA, unknown date
CabbageMercury MG 21089
Church Bells-
My Old Man-
Intermission Bit-
Michael, Row The Boat Ashore-
I Talk To The Trees-
* Mercury MG 21089, SR 61089   Golden Hits Of The Smothers Brothers, Vol. 2

Blues Magoos

Mike Esposito (lead guitar) Ronnie Gilbert (bass) Geoff Daking (drums) Ralph Scala, Emil "Peppy" Thielhelm (vocals, guitar)
unknown location, date
Pipe DreamMercury MG 21104
There's A Chance We Can Make It-
Life Is Just A Cher O'Bowlies-
Albert Common Is Dead-
Summer Is The Man-
Baby, I Want You-
Let's Get Together-
Take My Love-
Rush Hour-
That's All Folks-
* Mercury MG 21104, SR 61104   Blues Magoos - Electric Comic Book

The Harry Simeone Chorale

The Harry Simeone Chorale
unknown location, date
Gonna Build A Mountain From "Stop The World - I Want To Get Off"Mercury MG 20757
In Our Hideaway From "Mr. President"-
What Kind Of Fool Am I From "Stop The World - I Want To Get Off"-
Consider Yourself From "Oliver!"-
I've Got Your Number From "Little Me"-
Empty Pockets Filled With Love From "Mr. President"-
This Is A Great Country From "Mr. President"-
Little Me From "Little Me"-
Who Will Buy From "Oliber!"-
Typically English From "Stop The World - I Want To Get Off"-
As Long As He Needs Me From "Oliber!"-
Here's To Us From "Little Me"-
* Mercury MG 20757, SR 60757   The Harry Simeone Chorale Sing Broadway's Best Shows 1963

Brook Benton

Brook Benton (vocals) unidentified orchestra
unknown location, date
Thank You Pretty BabyMercury MG 20607
Hurtin' Inside-
The Ties That Bind-
Hither And Thither And Yon-
* Mercury MG 20607   Brook Benton Golden Hits

Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra

Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra
unknown location, date
Gypsy MamboMercury EP 1-3120
Riviera Mambo-
Park Avenue Mambo-
* Mercury EP 1-3120   Xavier Cugat - Mambos By Cugat

The Diamonds

The Diamonds
unknown location, date
15770Sweet Wild HoneyMercury EP 1-3367
15772Passion Flower-
15789Daddy CoolMercury 71197, EP 1-3367
* Mercury EP 1-3367   The Diamonds
* Mercury 71197, 71197x45   The Diamonds - Daddy Cool / Silhouettes