Mercury Records Catalog: 25200 series

Mercury 25200 series (10 inch LP)

MG-25200   The Crew Cuts - On The Campus   1954

no details.

MG-25201   Vic Damone, Ralph Marterie, Rusty Draper - 3 Guys On A Note   1954

Ralph Marterie, trumpet, conductor; Rusty Draper, vocal; Vic Damone, vocal #1,3,4; unidentified orchestra.

Universal Recording, Chicago, IL, May, 1953

1. 9702You Turned The Tables On Me
2. 9703Lazy River
3. 9704Louise
4. 9705Bummin' Around

MG-25202   no information

MG-25203   no information

MG-25204   Various Artists - Three For The Show (Soundtrack)   1955

no details.

MG-25205   no information

MG-25206   no information

MG-25207   no information

MG-25208   no information

MG-25209   no information

MG-25210   Patti Page - So Many Memories   1955

no details.

MG-25211   Various Artists - Pop Parade Vol. 2   1955

George Girard, trumpet; Joe Rotis, trombone; Pete Fountain, clarinet; Roy Zimmerman, piano; Bunny Franks, bass; Charlie Duke, drums.

Chicago, IL, September 19, 1951


MG-25212   The Bop-A-Loos   1955

no details.

MG-25213   Sarah Vaughan - Devine Sarah Sings   1955

Sarah Vaughan, vocal; unidentified orchestra, Hugo Peretti, conductor.

Fine Sound, NYC, October 20 and 21, 1954

10795-1I'm In The Mood For Love
10796-1I Don't Know Why
10798-4Let's Put Out The Lights
10800-1It's Magic

same personnel.

Fine Sound, NYC, November 12, 1954

10814-3The Touch Of Your Lips
10815-5'S Wonderful

MG-25214   David Carroll And His Orchestra   1955

no details.

MG-25215   Jan August   1955

no details.

MG-25216   Buddy Morrow And His Orchestra   1955

Buddy Morrow, trombone, leader; Dorothy Kay, Jerry Mercer, vocal #2; unidentified orchestra.

Universal Recording, Chicago, IL, 1954

1. 11032Intermezzo
2. 11033Let's Do It

Buddy Morrow, trombone, leader; Jerry Mercer, vocal; unidentified orchestra.

Universal Recording, Chicago, IL, 1955

11185Blue Prelude
11186The Touch Of Your Lips
11187Body And Soul

MG-25217   Various Artists - Pop Parade Vol. 4   1955

Clark Terry, trumpet; Jimmy Cleveland, trombone; Budd Johnson, Paul Quinichette, tenor sax; Cecil Payne, baritone sax; Wynton Kelly, piano; Barry Galbraith, guitar; Keter Betts, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums; Candido, bongos; Dinah Washington, vocal; Quincy Jones, conductor.

Capitol Studios, NYC, March 17, 1955

11410-6I Diddle (2 voice version)

MG-25218   not used

MG-25219   Various Artists - Pop Parade Vol. 5   1955

no details.