Max Albright Discography

1956 (age 33)

The Octet Of Max Albright

John Anderson, trumpet; Dave Wells, bass trumpet, trombone; Buddy Collette, alto, tenor sax, clarinet, flute; William Green, alto, tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute; Chuck Gentry, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Gerald Wiggins, piano; Curtis Counce, bass; Max Albright, drums, vibes, bells; + Gene Cipriano, oboe, English horn, bass clarinet, baritone sax #4,5,7,11; Joe Comfort, bass #4,5,7,11.
Los Angeles, CA, November 8, 16 & 23, 1956
1.Crow's NestMotif ML 502
3.Sunset Drive-
4.You're Devastating-
5.Mood For Max-
6.Some Folks Like The Blues-
7.Top Hat, White Tie And Tails-
8.I Hear Bells-
9.Buzzin' Cool-
10.One Morning In May-
11.That's All-
12.Heat Wave-
* Motif ML 502; V.S.O.P. #46   Max Albright - Mood For Max
= Tampa TP 2   Various Artists - A Swingin' Gig