Luckey Roberts Catalog

1946 (age 59)

James P. Johnson And Luckey Roberts - Harlem Party Piano  (Riverside RLP 1056)

Luckey Roberts, piano.

NYC, May 22, 1946

NY7-CThe Railroad Blues
NY8-ERipples Of The Nile
NY9-BPork And Beans
NY10Shy And Sly

Luckey Roberts  (Circle S-12)

Luckey Roberts, piano.: same session.

NYC, May 22, 1946

NY11Music Box Rag
NY12Junk Man Rag

** same as Circle J-1026 entitled The Railroad Blues / Junk Man Rag + J-1027 entitled Pork And Beans / Music Box Rag + J-1028 entitled Ripples Of The Nile / Shy And Sly.

1958 (age 71)

Harlem Piano Solos By Luckey Roberts & Willie 'The Lion' Smith - Luckey & The Lion  (Good Time Jazz M12035)

Luckey Roberts, piano.

NYC, March 18, 1958

Spanish Fandango
Railroad Blues
Inner Space
Outer Space

** also released on Good Time Jazz S10035; Vogue (E) LAG 12256; Good Time Jazz GTJCD-10035-2.