Joe Farnsworth Discography

1998 (age 30)

Joe Farnsworth Sextet

Eddie Henderson, trumpet, flugelhorn; Steve Davis, trombone; Eric Alexander, tenor sax; Cedar Walton, piano; Nat Reeves, bass; Joe Farnsworth, drums.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, December 11, 1998

Eddie's MoodCriss Cross Jazz (Du) Criss 1166 CD
Beautiful Friendship-
I'm Not So Sure-
Something In Common-
I See You, Brother-
Joe's Tempo-

* Criss Cross Jazz (Du) Criss 1166 CD   Joe Farnsworth - Beautiful Friendship   1999?


Joe Farnsworth Quartet/Quintet

Jim Rotondi, trumpet #3,7,8; Curtis Fuller, trombone #2,5,8; Eric Alexander, tenor sax #1-3,7,9; Benny Golson, tenor sax #4-6; Harold Mabern, piano #1,4-6; David Hazeltine, piano #2,3,7-9; Ron Carter, bass; Joe Farnsworth, drums, tenor sax #8.

Avatar Studios, NYC, January 30, 2003

1.Sweet PoppaEighty-Eight's (J) VRCL-18813
2.Old Folks-
3.It's Prime Time-
4.Stable Mates-
5.Five Spot After Dark-
6.And So, I Love Again-
7.The Third Plane-
8.Hello, Young Lovers-
9.Jose's Lament-

* Eighty-Eight's (J) VRCL-18813   Joe Farnsworth - It's Prime Time   2003

2014 (age 46)

Joe Farnsworth Quartet Featuring Eric Alexander/Harold Mabern/Nat Reeves

Eric Alexander, tenor sax; Harold Mabern, piano; Nat Reeves, bass; Joe Farnsworth, drums.

Studio Sound Valley, Tokyo, Japan, April 29, 2014

George's Dilenma -- for Max RoachVenus (J) VHCD-1161
Moanin' -- for Art Blakey-
No Fills -- for Billy Higgins-
Syeeda's Song Flute -- for Art Taylor-
Here We Go, Here We Go -- for Alan Dawson-
Cute -- for Buddy Rich-
Two Bass Hit -- for Philly Joe Jones-
Greensleaves -- for Elvin Jones-
Musashi -- for Baby Dodds-
Reflection -- for Roy Haynes-

* Venus (J) VHCD-1161   Joe Farnsworth Quartet Featuring Eric Alexander, Harold Mabern, Nat Reeves - My Heroes - Tribute To The Legends   2014