Herbie Brock Catalog

1955 (age 41)

Herbie Brock At The Piano - Solo  (Savoy MG 12066)

Herbie Brock (piano)
"Onyx Club", Miami, FL, October 3, 1955
Please Be Kind
Easy To Love
There's A Small Hotel
Prelude To A Kiss
Born To Be Blue
Midnight Sun
Too Marvelous For Words


The Herbie Brock Trio - Brock's Tops  (Savoy MG 12069)

Herbie Brock (piano) Brooks Caperton (bass) Richie Hanson (drums)
Miami, FL, February 15, 1956
If It's The Last Thing I Do
The Moon Is Yellow
Blues A Brock Long
There'll Never Be Another You
Four Brothers
Sweet And Lovely
Brock Etude
Willow Weep For Me


The Herbie Brock Trio - Herbie's Room  (Criteria CRR 2)

Herbie Brock (piano) Brooks Caperton (bass) Bill Ladley (drums)
"Herbie's Room", Miami, FL, August, 1957 or February 11, 1955
Jim And Andy
Polka Dots And Moonbeams
My Funny Valentine
Johnny Jaguaar
A Foggy Day


The Night And Herbie Brock At The 700 Club  (Art ALP 60)

Herbie Brock (piano)
Miami, FL?, January 10, 1961
It Could Happen
Everything Happens To Me
Free At Last
Doctor Zhivago
Sweet Lorraine
Cristo Redentore
You've Changed
Herbie Blues
I'll Leave It Up To You
Here's That Rainy Day


Herbie Brock Trio Featuring Laurie Lee  (Brock/Norma (J) NLP 1023)

Herbie Brock (piano) Brooks Caperton (bass) Rufus Cleare Jr. (drums) Laurie Lee (vocals -3,6)
Miami, FL?, January 28 & 29, 1963
1.Wisper Not
2.Satin Doll
3.Day In, Day Out
4.Take The "A" Train
5.Angel Eyes
6.Don't Blame Me

1965 (age 51)

Herbie Brock - Blue Miami  (Interplay (J) ABCJ-562)

Herbie Brock (piano) Brooks Caperton (bass) Bill Ladley (drums)
"Herbie's Room", Miami, FL, April, 1965
Batavia Blues
Herbie's Herb Tea
Prelude To A Kiss
Blue Miami
Herbie's Groove
Lullaby Of Leaves
On Green Dolphin Street