Grassella Oliphant Catalog

1965 (age 36)

The Grassella Oliphant Quartette - The Grass Roots   Atlantic LP 1438   1965

Harold Ousley, tenor sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; Ray McKinney, bass; Grassella Oliphant, drums.

NYC, January 19, 1965

8496Mrs. O
8497Step Lightly
8498Haitian Lady
8499Grandfather's Waltz
8500One For The Masses

same personnel.

NYC, January 20, 1965

8507The Descendant
8508Uptown Hours
8509Shiny Stockings
8510Mood Indigo
8511Star Dust

** also released on Atlantic SD 1438 in 1965.

Grassella Oliphant - The Grass Is Greener   Atlantic LP 1494   1967

Clark Terry, trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet #2-4,6-8; Harold Ousley, tenor sax #2-4,6-8; John Patton, organ; Grant Green, guitar; Major Holley, bass #2,3,6-8; Grassella Oliphant, drums.

NYC, March 1, 1965

1. 9968Soul Woman
2. 9969Get Out Of My Life Woman
3. 9970The Latter Days
4. 9971Ain't That Peculiar
5. 9972Cantaloupe Woman
6. 9982The Yodel
7. 9983Peaches Are Better Down The Road
8. 9984Rapid Shave

** also released on Atlantic SD 1494 in 1967.