George Mraz Discography

1976 (age 32)

George Mraz - Roland Hanna Duo

Roland Hanna, piano; George Mraz, bass.

Mouri Studios, Tokyo, Japan, June 28, 1976

SummertimeTrio (J) PAP-9058
It Ain't Necessarily So-
Strawberry Woman-
There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' For New York-
Oh Bess, O Where's My Bess-
I Love You Porgy-
Jasbo Brown Blues-

* Trio (J) PAP-9058   George Mraz In Duet With Roland Hanna - Porgy And Bess

1991 (age 47)

George Mraz Trio

Richie Beirach, piano; George Mraz, acoustic bass; Peter Donald, drums.

Supraphon Studio, Prague, Czechoslovakia, October 24, 1991

Beautiful LoveARTA Records (Czech) F1 0025-2511, F1 0118
Young And Foolish-
RectilinearARTA Records (Czech) F1 0025-2511
For B.C.ARTA Records (Czech) F1 0025-2511, F1 0118
Unnamed BalladARTA Records (Czech) F1 0025-2511

* ARTA Records (Czech) F1 0025-2511   George Mraz Trio - Catching Up
* ARTA Records (Czech) F1 0118   George Mraz And Friends


George Mraz - Karel Ruzicka Quartet/Trio

Juraj Bartos, trumpet, flugelhorn #1,4,5,10; Karel Ruzicka, piano; George Mraz, bass; Martin Sulc, drums #1-9.

ORM Studio, Prague, Czechoslovakia, November 18 and 19, 1992

1.Coo CooARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2, F1 0118
2.Easy To LoveARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2
4.Shiver Runes Down My SpineARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2, F1 0118
5.Seven Steps To HeavenARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2
6.Never MoreARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2, F1 0118
7.Bop And BobARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2
8.Lullaby Of Tabor-
9.One For George-
10.Going HomeARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2, F1 0118

* ARTA Records (Czech) F1 0041-2   George Mraz And Karel Ruzicka - Going Home
* ARTA Records (Czech) F1 0118   George Mraz And Friends

1995 (age 51)

George Mraz Trio

Richie Beirach, piano; George Mraz, bass; Billy Hart, drums.

Clinton Recording Studios, NYC, June 11 and 12, 1995

Alice In WonderlandMilestone MCD-9262-2
Sunday's Song-
Passion Flower-
Ask Me Now-
Blue In Green-
Robo Bop-
My Foolish Heart-
Haunted Heart-

* Milestone MCD-9262-2   George Mraz - My Foolish Heart

George Mraz Trio/Quartet

Rich Perry, tenor sax #3,8; Richie Beirach, piano #1-5,7-11; Larry Willis, piano #6; George Mraz, bass, strings; Billy Hart, drums.

Clinton Recording Studios, NYC, September and October, 1995

1.Moonlight In VermontMilestone MCD-9248-2
2.Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme)-
3.Infant Eyes-
4.Happy Saint-
5.Foolish Door-
6.Your Story-
7.Spring Is Here-
9.Time Remembered-
10.The Peacocks-
11.Cinema Paradiso (Reprise)-

* Milestone MCD-9248-2   George Mraz - Jazz


George Mraz Quartet

Rich Perry, tenor sax; Cyrus Chestnut, piano; George Mraz, bass; Al Foster, drums.

Clinton Recording Studios, NYC, April 1 and 2, 1997

Three Views Of A SecretMilestone MCD-9272-2
San Felice-
Lisa Marie-
Mr. Pastorius-
Little Waltz-
Strange Blues-
Goodbye Porkpie Hat-
Falling Grace-

* Milestone MCD-9272-2   George Mraz - Bottom Lines


George Mraz Quartet/Trio

Cyrus Chestnut, piano #1,2,4,6,8,10; Renee Rosnes, piano #1,3,5,7,9,11; George Mraz, bass; Billy Drummond, drums.

Clinton Recording Studios, NYC, November 25, 1998

1.Duke's PlaceMilestone MCD-9292-2
2.Satin Doll-
3.In A Sentimental Mood-
4.Come Sunday-
6.Mood Indigo-
7.Lotus Blossom-
8.Take The "A" Train-
9.The Star-Crossed Lovers-
10.Don't Get Around Much Anymore-

* Milestone MCD-9292-2   George Mraz Trios - Duke's Place


George Mraz Quartet

Emil Viklicky, piano; George (Jiri) Mraz, bass; Billy Hart, drums; Zuzana Lapcikova, vocal, cymbalom.

The Studio, NYC, June 9-11, 2000

Aspen Leaf (Na Osicce)Milestone MCD-9309-2
Oh, Mountain (Ej, Hora, Hora)-
Gray Pigeon (Videla Jsem Meho Holubka Siveho)-
Up In A Fir Tree (Na Kosatej Jedli)-
She Walks In A Meadow (Chodila Po Roli)-
Little Black Swallow (Lastovenka, Cerny Ptak)-
Desire (Touha)-
Wine, Oh Wine (Vinko, Vinko)-
Gray Falcon (Zalet' Sokol, Sivy Ptak)-
The Sun Goes Down (Slunecko Sa Nizi)-
Jurenko, Jurenko-

* Milestone MCD-9309-2   George Mraz - Morava

2004 (age 60)

George Mraz

Karel Ruzicka, piano #3,4,6,8,9; Emil Viklicky, piano #5,6,9; Rudolf Dasek, guitar #7-9; George Mraz, bass #2-5,7-9; Ivan Smazik, drums #4,8,9; Vaclav Klaus, introduction #1.

"Prague Castle", Prague, Czech Republic, September 19, 2004

1.Uvod - Prezident Vaclav KlausMultisonic (Czech) 31 0648-2
2.Zalet Sokol, Biely Ftak / White Falcon, Fly-
3.For All We Know-
5.My Foolish Heart-
7.Rodinny Portret / Family Portrait-
8.Blues For Sarka-

* Multisonic (Czech) 31 0648-2   George Mraz - Jazz Na Hrade


George Mraz Quartet

Emil Viklicky, piano; George Mraz, bass; Laco Tropp, drums; Iva Bittova, vocal, violin.

Prague, Czech Republic, February 17-19, 2007

Destiny = OsudCube-Metier (Czech) MJCD 2736
Austerlitz = Slavkov-
Oh Love, Love = Ej Lasko, Lasko-
Pennyroyal = Polajka-
A Little Bird's Flown Over = Preletel Ftacek-
Walking From Peszt = Ked Som Isiel Z Pesti-
Dying Of Love = Laskou Zhynuly-
Little Apple = Jabucko-
In The Town Of Olomouc = V Holomoci Meste-
Fetching Water = Islo Dievca Pro Vodu-
Sweet Basil = Bazalicka-
A Little Wreath = Venecek-
Gossip = Pomluva-

* Cube-Metier (Czech) MJCD 2736   George Mraz, Iva Bittova, Emil Viklicky, Laco Tropp - Moravian Gems


George Mraz Quartet

Rich Perry, sax; David Hazeltine, piano; George Mraz, bass; Joey Baron, drums.

"Prague Castle", Prague, Czech Republic, June 19, 2012

UvodMultisonic (Czech) 31 0845-2
Sponge Magic-
Blues For Sarka-
Three Silver Hairs-
Strange Blues-
For B.C.-
Grey Falcon (bass solo)-

* Multisonic (Czech) 31 0845-2   George Mraz Quartet - Jazz Na Hrade

George Mraz - David Hazeltine Trio

David Hazeltine, piano; George Mraz, bass; Jason Brown, drums.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, November 23, 2012

Around The CornerCube-Metier (Czech) MJCD 21351
Turn Out The Stars-
For B.C.-
You Must Believe In Spring-
Your Story-
I Didn't Know What Time It Was-
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye-

* Cube-Metier (Czech) MJCD 21351   George Mraz|David Hazeltine Trio - Your Story


George Mraz - Emil Viklicky Duo

Emil Viklicky, piano; George Mraz, bass.

Realistic Sound Studio, Munich, Germany, January 16 and 18, 2013

Dear LoverACT (G) ACT 9622-2
Theme From 5th Part Of Sinfonietta-
A Bird Flew By-
U Dunaja, U Prespurka-
Moon, Sleeping In The Cradle-
Thank You, Laca-
Up On A Fir Tree-
I Saw A Grey Pidgeon-
In Holomoc Town-

* ACT (G) ACT 9622-2   George Mraz, Emil Viklicky - Together Again - Mraz And Viklicky Duo Art

George Mraz - Zoe Rahman Duo

Zoe Rahman, piano; George Mraz, bass.

Greville Lodge, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, released July, 2013

UnisonCube-Metier (Czech) MJCD 21250
Three Silver Hairs-
Blues For Sarka-
April Sun-
Grey Falcon, Little Apple-
Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme)-

* Cube-Metier (Czech) MJCD 21250   George Mraz And Zoe Rahman - Unison