Gabor Szabo Catalog

1965 (age 29)

Gabor Szabo With Gary McFarland & Co. - Gypsy '66  (Impulse! A-9105)

Sadao Watanabe, flute; Gary McFarland, marimba; Sam Brown, Barry Galbraith, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Richard Davis, bass; Grady Tate, drums; Francisco Pozo, percussion.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, November, 1965

90437Flea Market
90438Walk On By
90439If I Fell
90440Gypsy Jam
90441I'm All Smiles
90444Gypsy '66

Sadao Watanabe, flute; Gary McFarland, marimba; Barry Galbraith, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Al Stinson, bass; Grady Tate, drums; Willie Rodriguez, percussion.

90443The Echo Of Love
90445The Last One To Be Loved

** also released on Impulse! AS-9105.

1966 (age 30)

Gabor Szabo - Spellbinder  (Impulse! A-9123)

Gabor Szabo, guitar; Ron Carter, bass; Chico Hamilton, drums; Willie Bobo, Victor Pantoja, Latin percussion.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, May 6, 1966

90552Gypsy Queen
90553My Foolish Heart
90555It Was A Very Good Year
90556Autumn Leaves; Speak To Me Of Love
90557Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

** also released on Impulse! AS-9123.

Gabor Szabo - Jazz Raga  (Impulse! A-9128)

Gabor Szabo, guitar, sitar; Johnny Gregg, bass; "Pretty" Purdie, drums.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, August 4, 1966

90601Comin' Back
90602Sophisticated Wheels

Gabor Szabo, guitar, sitar; Johnny Gregg, bass; Bob Bushnell, Fender bass guitar; "Pretty" Purdie, drums.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, August 17, 1966

90608Search For Nirvana
90609Walking On Nails
90610Paint It Black
90612Raga Doll

** also released on Impulse! AS-9128.


Gabor Szabo - The Sorcerer  (Impulse! A-9146)

Jimmy Stewart, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Louis Kabok, bass; Marty Morrell, drums; Hal Gordon, percussion.

"The Jazz Workshop", Boston, MA, April 14 and 15, 1967

90835The Beat Goes On
90836Little Boat (O Barquinho)
90838What Is This Thing Called Love
90840Stronger Than Us
90842Comin' Back

** also released on Impulse! AS-9146, IMPD-211.

Gabor Szabo - More Sorcery  (Impulse! AS-9167)

Jimmy Stewart, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Louis Kabok, bass; Marty Morrell, drums; Hal Gordon, percussion.: same session.

"The Jazz Workshop", Boston, MA, April 14 and 15, 1967

90944Los Matadoros
90946Corcovado (Quiet Nights)

Jimmy Stewart, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Louis Kabok, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums; Hal Gordon, percussion.

"Monterey Jazz Festival", Monterey, CA, September 17, 1967

90947Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
90949Comin' Back

Gabor Szabo And The California Dreamers - Wind, Sky And Diamonds  (Impulse! AS-9151)

Mike Melvoin, piano, harpsichord; Bill Plummer, sitar; Dennis Budimer, Herb Ellis, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Carol Kaye, Fender bass; Jimmy Gordon, drums; Emil Richards, percussion; and The California Dreamers: Sue Allen, John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Al Capps, Loren Farber, Ian Freebairn-Smith, Ron Hicklin, Sally Stevens, Jackie Ward, vocal.

Los Angeles, CA, September 12, 1967

90865White Rabbit
90867Saigon Bride
90868Twelve-Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)

Louis Morell, Howard Roberts, guitar; M. Pohlman, Fender bass; Victor Feldman, percussion; replaces Budimer, Ellis, Kaye, Richards.

Los Angeles, CA, September 13, 1967

90869Are You There
90870Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
90871To Sir With Love

Dennis Budimer, guitar; Carol Kaye, Fender bass; John Guerin, drums; Emil Richards, percussion; replaces Roberts, Pohlman, Gordon, Feldman.

Los Angeles, CA, September 14, 1967

90872A Day In The Life
90873The End Of Life
90874W.C. Fields
90875San Franciscan Nights


Gabor Szabo - Bacchanal  (Skye SK-3)

Jim Stewart, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Louis Kabok, bass; Jimmy Keltner, drums; Hal Gordon, percussion.

Western Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, February 9, 1968

Three King Fishers
Love Is Blue
Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
Sunshine Superman
Some Velvet Morning
The Look Of Love
Divided City

Gabor Szabo - Dreams  (Skye SK-7)

Ray Alonge, Tony Miranda, Brooks Tillotson, French horn; Julius Schacter, violin; George Ricci, cello; Gary McFarland, piano; Jim Stewart, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Louis Kabok, bass; Jim Keltner, drums; Hal Gordon, percussion, congas.

Western Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, August 6, 7 and 9, 1968;
Gotham Recording Corporation, NYC, August 22, 1968

Galatea's Guitar
Half The Day Is Night
Song Of The Injured Love
The Fortune Teller
Fire Dance
The Lady In The Moon (From Kodaly)
Ferris Wheel


Gabor Szabo - 1969  (Skye SK-9)

George Ricci, cello; Mike Melvoin, organ; Gabor Szabo, Francois Vaz, guitar; Louis Kabok, bass; Randy Cierly, Fender bass; Jim Keltner, percussion.

United Recording, Los Angeles, CA, January 20-24, 1969

Dear Prudence
Sealed With A Kiss
Both Sides Now
Walk Away Renee
You Won't See Me
Michael From Mountains
In My Life
I've Just Seen A Face
Until It's Time For You To Go
Somewhere I Belong

Lena Horne, Gabor Szabo - Lena & Gabor  (Skye SK-15)

Gabor Szabo, guitar; Lena Horne, vocal; featuring Richard Tee, organ; Cornell Dupree, Eric Gayle, guitar; Chuck Rainey, electric bass; Grady Tate, drums; Gary McFarland, arranger.

A&R Studios, NYC, October-November, 1969

Rocky Raccoon
Everybody's Talkin'
In My Life
Yesterday When I Was Young
Watch What Happens
My Mood Is You
Message To Michael
The Fool On The Hill


Gabor Szabo - Magical Connection  (Blue Thumb BTS 23)

Nick DeCaro, accordion, keyboards #2; Lynn Blessing, vibes; Richard Thompson, keyboards; Gabor Szabo, guitar; Wolfgang Melz, bass; Jim Keltner, drums; Felix (Flaco) Falcon, Hal Gordon, conga drums; Sandra Crouch, percussion; Nick DeCaro, string orchestrator.

The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA, released 1970

1.Sombrero Sam
2.Close To You
3.Country Illusion
4.Lady With Child
5.Pretty Girl Why
6.Hum A Song
7.Magical Connection
8.Fred And Betty
9.Love Theme From Spartacus

** also released on Blue Thumb BTS 8823.


Gabor Szabo - High Contrast  (Blue Thumb BTS 28)

Gabor Szabo, electric, acoustic guitar; Bobby Womack, rhythm electric guitar; Wolfgang Meltz, bass; Jim Keltner, drums; Felix Falcon (Flaco), congas; Tommy LiPuma as "The Shadow", tambourine, gourd; Rene Hall, string arranger; with Mark Levine, piano #3; Phillip Upchurch, bass #1,7; Carmelo Garcia, tom-tom #1,2, timbales #3.

Capitol Tower, Los Angeles, CA;
The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA, released 1971

4.Azure Blue
5.Just A Little Communication
6.If You Don't Want My Love
7.I Remember When


Gabor Szabo - Small World  (Four Leaf Clover (Swd) EFG-7230)

Berndt Egerbladh, electric piano; Janne Schaffer, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Sture Nordin, bass; Stefan Brolund, electric bass; Nils Erik Svensson, drums.

EMI Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, August 12 and 13, 1972

My Kind Of People
Impressions Of My Country
Foothill Patrol
Another Dream
Concerto De Aranjuez

Gabor Szabo - Mizrab  (CTI CTI 6026)

Bob James, piano, organ; Gabor Szabo, guitar; Ron Carter, bass; Jack DeJohnette, drums; Billy Cobham, drums #1,3; Ralph MacDonald, percussion; + Strings: Max Ellen, Paul Gershman, Harold Kohon, Charles Libove, Joe Malin, David Nadien, John Pintaualle, Irving Spice, violin; Richard Dickler, Theodore Israel, viola; Charles McCracken, George Ricci, Alan Shulman, cello; Charles Israels, arco bass; Ron Carter, arco bass #4; Margaret Ross, harp; + Horns/Reeds: Marvin Stamm, trumpet, flugelhorn; Wayne Andre, trombone; James Buffington, Brooks Tillotson, French horn; Hubert Laws, flute, piccolo, alto, bass flute; Sidney Weinberg, oboe, English horn; George Marge, oboe, clarinet, recorder; John Campo, bassoon, bass clarinet; Bob James, arranger, conductor.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, December, 1972

3.It's Going To Take Some Time
4.Concerto #2
5.Summer Breeze


Gabor Szabo - Rambler  (CTI CTI 6035)

Bob James, piano, organ, synthesizer; Mike Wofford, electric piano; Gabor Szabo, guitar; Wolfgang Melz, bass; Bob Morin, drums.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September, 1973

So Hard To Say Goodbye
All Is Well
Help Me Build A Lifetime
New Love


Gabor Szabo Live With Charles Lloyd Featuring Spellbinder  (Blue Thumb BTS 6014)

Gabor Szabo, guitar; Wolfgang Melz, bass; John Dentz, drums; Mailto Correa, congas, percussion; with Charles Lloyd, flute #2; Tony Ortega, flute, Echoplex #3; Tommy Eyre, keyboards #4.

"The Troubadour", Los Angeles, CA, released 1974

2.Sombrero Sam


Gabor Szabo - Macho  (Salvation SAL 704 S1)

Jon Faddis, trumpet; George Bohanon, trombone; Tom Scott, tenor sax, Lyricon; Bob James, piano, electric piano, synthesizer; Ian Underwood, synthesizer; Eric Gale, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Louis Johnson, bass; Harvey Mason, drums; Ralph MacDonald, Idris Muhammad, percussion; Bob James, arranger #1,3,6; Gabor Szabo, arranger #2,5; Harvey Mason, arranger #4; Bob James, producer.

Kendun Recorders, Burbank, CA;
Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, CA, April, 1975

1.Hungarian Rhapsody #2
3.Transylvania Boogie
4.Ziggidy Zag
6.Poetry Man

1976 (age 40)

Gabor Szabo - Nightflight  (Mercury SRM-1-1091)

Bunndino Siggalucci, piano; Jimmy Sigler, organ; Dexter Wansel, synthesizer; Theodore Life, Ken Miller, Bunndino Siggalucci, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Raymond Earl, bass; Scotty Miller, drums; Johnnie McCann, congas, bongos; Theodore Life, Bunndino Siggalucci, Gabor Szabo, vocal; Bunny Sigler aka Bunndino Siggalucci, producer.

Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA, released 1976

Concorde (Nightflight)
Funny Face
Baby Rattle Snake
Theme For Gabor
Keep Smilin'
Every Minute Counts
Smooth Sailin'


Gabor Szabo - Faces  (Mercury SRM-1-1141)

Bobby "The Genie" Lyle, electric piano; Gabor Szabo, acoustic guitar; Marlon "The Magician" McClain, electric guitar, electrical guitar gadgets; Nathaniel Phillips, electric bass; Bruce Carter, drums; added Dean Gant, synthesizer programming; I. "Rini" Kramer, cabasa, vibraharp, guiro; Vance "Mad Dog" Tenort, percussion; with Bonnie Douglas, Assa Drori, Irving Geller, Irma Neumann, Haim Shtrum, Robert Sushel, violin; Paul C. Shure, violin, leader; Carroll Stephens, violin, contractor; James Dunham, Janet Lakatos, viola; Nathan Gershman, David H. Speltz, cello; + Oscar Brashear, Danny Christianson, trumpet; George Bohannon, trombone; Ernie Watts, tenor sax; James O. Stewart, guitar; + Cheryl "Boonie" Alexander, Saundra "Pan" Alexander, Sylvia St. James, Deborah "Punkin'" Shotlow, background vocal.

ABC Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA, March and April, 1977

The Biz
Magic Mystic Faces
Gloomy Day
Desiring You
Misty Malarky Ying Yang
The Last Song


Gabor Szabo - Belsta River  (Four Leaf Clover (Swd) FLC 5030)

Wlodek Gulgowski, piano, electric piano, Moog; Janne Schaffer, Gabor Szabo, guitar; Pekka Pohjola, bass; Peter Sundell, drums; Malando Gassama, congas, percussion.

Europa Film Studio, Stockholm, Sweden, January 6 and 7, 1978

24 Carat
First Tune In The Morning


Gabor Szabo - Femme Fatale  (Pepita (Hungarian) SLPR 707)

Gabor Szabo, guitar; David Campbell, orchestrator; thanks to/featuring: Chick Corea, piano.

Fidelity Sound Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA, released 1981

Femme Fatale
A Thousand Times
Out Of The Night