Frank Tusa Catalog

1975 (age 28)

Frank Tusa, Dave Liebman, Badal Roy, Richard Beirach, Jeff Williams - Father Time  (Enja (G) 2056)

Dave Liebman, tenor sax, percussion; Richard Beirach, piano, percussion; Frank Tusa, bass; Jeff Williams, drums; Badal Roy, tabla.

Trixi-Tonstudio, Munich, West Germany, July 1, 1975

Doin' It

Dave Liebman, soprano sax; Richard Beirach, piano; Frank Tusa, bass.


Frank Tusa, bass; Badal Roy, tabla; Richard Beirach, Dave Liebman, percussion.

Gipsy Song

Richard Beirach, piano; Frank Tusa, bass.

Mabel's Mood

Dave Liebman, flute; Frank Tusa, bass.

Kristie's Spirit

Dave Liebman, tenor sax; Frank Tusa, bass; Jeff Williams, drums.

String Beans

** also released on Inner City IC 3005 as Frank Tusa, Richard Beirach, Jeff Williams, Badal Roy, Dave Liebman - Father Time. on Enja (G) ENJ-2107 2 as Frank Tusa - Father Time.

1997 (age 50)

Reunion Of Old Spirits  (Tuse Records (US) unknown number)

Caris Visentin, oboe; Dave Liebman, tenor, soprano sax; Richie Beirach, piano; John Abercrombie, guitar; Tony Marino, bass; Jeff Williams, drums; Scott Tusa, drums, percussion; Cantor Elliot Vogel, vocal; Frank Tusa, composer.

Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, PA, July 1, 1997

Her Jewish Soul
Awaken To The Dancer
The Dance Of Death
A Mother's Sacred Love
Spiritual Rhythms
Immortal Love