Franco Mondini Catalog

1960 (age 25)

Giorgio Azzolini, Attilio Donadio, Franco Mondini, Dino Piana - Jazz In Italy N. 1  (Cetra (It) EPD 36)

Dino Piana, trombone; Attilio Donadio, sax; Giorgio Azzolini, bass; Franco Mondini, drums.

Milan, Italy, March 25, 1960

Bag's Groove
All The Things You Are
There Will Never Be Another You

Franco Mondini Trio + Phil Woods - Jazz In Italy N. 5  (Cetra (It) EPD 41)

Phil Woods, alto sax; Maurizio Lama, piano; Buddy Catlett, bass; Franco Mondini, drums.

Turin, Italy, May 16, 1960

Pentup House
Little Girl Blue
Blues D'Italie