ESP-Disk' Catalog: 2000 series

ESP-Disk' 2000 series (12 inch LP)

ESP 2000   Octopus   1969

Tom Miller, tenor sax, vocals; Dion Grody, guitar, piano, organ, vocals; Lanny Brooks, bass guitar, vocals; Craig Justin, drums, percussion; with Trevor Koehler, baritone sax #5,6.

January, 1969

2.Harold Knows (Better Than You)
3.Sleepy Blues
4.The War
5.I Think It's Understood
6.U.S. Blues
7.Fruk Juice

** also released on ESP-Disk' (G) ESP 2000-2. ESP-Disk' (US) ESP 2000 entitled "Rock-New Music Fusion".

ESP 2001   Cromagnon - Orgasm   1969

Brian Elliot, Austin Grasmere, lead vocals, miscellaneous instruments; The Connecticut Tribe, backing vocal group.

A-1 Sound Studios, NYC, 1969

Ritual Feast Of The Libido
Organic Sundown
Crow Of The Black Tree
Toth, Scribe I
First World Of Bronze

** also released on ESP-Disk' (G) ESP 2001-2, (US) ESP 2001 entitled "Cave Rock".

ESP 2002   Jayne County - Goddess Of Wet Dreams (not released)

no details.

ESP 2003   Charles Manson - LIE: The Love And Terror Cult   1974

Charles Manson, lead vocals, rhythm guitar, timpani; accompanied by the family: Paul Watkins, French horn; Mary Brunner, flute; Catherine Share, violin; Bobby Beausoleil, electric guitar; Steve Grogan, electric bass; Cho-Cho, Lynette Fromme, Sandra Good, Nancy Pitman, Catherine Share, backing vocals; Steve Alexander, interviewer; Phil 12258cal, producer.

September 11, 1967;
Goldstar Studios, Los Angeles, CA, August 8, 1968;
overdubs recorded, August 9, 1968

Look At Your Game, Girl
Mechanical Man
People Say I'm No Good
Home Is Where You're Happy
I'll Never Say Never To Always
Garbage Dump
Don't Do Anything Illegal
Sick City
Cease To Exist
Big Iron Door
I Once Knew A Man
Eyes Of A Dreamer

** originally released as Awareness Records A-2144/B-22145.

ESP 2004   Pleasure Pudding Sweet Pie Livid At Fat City   1972+

Bill Maloney, harmonica; Sweet Pie, piano, vocals; and others.

"Fat City", Wilmington, VT, April 10, 11 & 12, 1972

Me And My Piano, Willy And His Harp
Vermont - A Lazy Man's Colorado
Jasper And His Cow Story
All Around The Clock
Too Drunk To Ball
Ned Head
Tribute To Annie Oakley, Dale Evans And Annette
Jump Boogie And Fade Blues
This Bitter Earth
The Local Lottery
Red Neck Blues
Let's Boogie
Five Long Years

** also released on ESP-Disk' (G) ESP 2004-2, (US) ESP 2004 entitled "Pleasure Pudding". ESP-Disk' ESP 2004 (later) entitled "Honky Tonk Jive".

ESP 2005   Barry Titus - Do Wappa Do (not released)

no details.

ESP 2006   Emerson's Old Timey Custard-Suckin' Band   1970+

Howard Lamden, autoharp, guitar, vocals; Neil Ricklen, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocals; Arnold Sell, 5-string banjo, vocals; Alan Singer, guitar.

Silver Spring, MD, 1970

The Farm Song
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
Daybreak Blues
Sitting On Top Of The World
This Lane Ends 1000 Feet
Vestibule Billy
Payday At Coal Creek
You Don't Miss Your Water
The Ballad Of Fawn And Paul Dog
I Still Miss Someone
Gettin' Up
With Nothing To Do

** also released on ESP-Disk' (G) ESP 2006-2 entitled "Old Timey Custard Suckin' Band". ESP-Disk' (US) ESP 2006 entitled "Emerson's Old Timey Custard Suckin' Band".

ESP 2007   Randy Burns - Song For An Uncertain Lady   1970

Andy "Dog" Merwin, lead guitar #1; Matt Kastner, guitar, piano, celeste; Bruce Samuels, electric, acoustic bass #1,2,4,5, flute, piano #3; John O'Leary, drums; Randy Burns, vocals, lead guitar; A.J. Mulhern, backing vocals.

Mark Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 1970

1.Sorrow's Children
2.Autumn On Your Mind
3.Song For An Uncertain Lady
4.If You Just Let Tomorrow Be
5.Only Time Will Make You See

Andy "Dog" Merwin, lead guitar #6; John O'Leary, drums #1; Bob Sheehan, drums #2-6; Bergert Roberts, cosmic tambourine, zulu drums; Carolyn Marks, "oohs"; Randy Burns, vocals, lead guitar.

Nola Studios, NYC, 1970

3.The One I Thought Was There
4.Child For Now
5.Waiting For An Old Friend / Randy's Song
6.Deegan Street

** also released on ESP-Disk' (G) ESP 2007-2 entitled "Songs For An Uncertain Lady".

ESP 2008   Joel Tobias - God Is Watching America (not released)

no details.

ESP 2009   Barry Titus - 42nd Street (not released)

no details.

ESP 2010   Woodstock Workband - Armed And Dangerous (not released)

no details.

ESP 2011   not used

ESP 2012   Woodstock Workband - Sword In The Hand

no details.

ESP 2013   Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs - Gr. Hits: Live At Max's Kansas City 1981 (not released)

no details.

ESP 2014   Gnostic Algae - On Bugs   1971

no details.

ESP 2015   The Don Moore Band - In The Groove

no details.

ESP 2016   The Don Moore Band - Party Going On In Woodstock (not released)

no details.

ESP 2017   The Godz - Godzundheit   1970

The Great Pahene, grand piano; Jay Dillon, electronic organ, vocals; Charles Cazalet, Bob Gallagher, U.E. Glass, Smokey Head, Jimmy Norwood, electric guitar; Jim McCarthy, electric, acoustic guitar, vocals; Robert Friedman, Bob Unger, electric bass; Larry Kessler, electric bass, acoustic, electric guitar, vocals; Leslie Fradkin, electric bass, electric guitar, harmonica; Billy Paine, Giovanni Rosario, drums; George Cameron, drums, harmonica; Paul Thornton, drums, acoustic, electric guitar, vocals.

A-1 Sound Studios, NYC, 1973

Whiffenspoof Song
Dirty Windows
Wisdom Of A Fool
Weary Blues
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Women Of The World
Take The Time
Give A Damn

** also released on ESP-Disk' (G) ESP 2017-2, (US) ESP 2017.

ESP 2018   The Fugs, The Holy Modal Rounders - Fugs 4, Rounders Score   1975

The Fugs.

released 1975

Boobs A Lot
Romping Through The Swamp
Crowley Waltz
Fiddler A Dram
Fishing Blues
New Amphetamine Shriek
Jackoff Blues
I Couldn't Get High
Slum Goddess
Caca Rocka
C.I.A. Man
Kill For Peace
Morning, Morning
Virgin Forest Excerpt

ESP 2019   Gnostic Algae - All People's Liberation Album With Divinity And Justice For All (never released)

no details.

ESP 2020   Les Visible - Too Old To Rock And Roll (not released)

no details.

ESP 2021   Les Visible - Jews From Outer Space (not released)

no details.

ESP 2022/2043   not used

ESP 2044   Woodstock - Moods And Moments (not released)

no details.

ESP 2045/2050   not used

ESP 2051   Various Artists - ESP Sampler

no details.