Eddie Marshall Catalog

1977 (age 39)

Eddie Marshall - Dance Of The Sun   Timeless (Du) SJP 109   1978

Manny Boyd, tenor, soprano sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; George Cables, piano; James Leary, bass; Eddie Marshall, drums, percussion.

Wally Heider Recording, San Francisco, CA, May 1, 2 and 4, 1977

The High Priestess Of Gone
The Stroll
Salt Peanuts
But I Refuse To Come Down

** also released on Timeless (Du) CD SJP 109 in 1989, (US) TI 315 in 1979.

1995 (age 57)

The San Francisco Nighthawks Featuring Eddie Marshall   Monarch Records MR-1011   1996

Wayne De Silva, tenor sax #1,7,9-12; Mike McMullen, tenor sax #2-6,8; Paul Nagel, piano; George Cotsirilos, guitar; Robb Fisher, bass; Eddie Marshall, drums.

Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, August 5 and 6, 1995

1.The Rain Theory
2.First Spirit
3.El Torreon
4.Blues For The J Man
5.Partly Cloudy
6.Seems To Be
8.Trippin' With Trupin
9.Bohemian Romance
10.No Need

1999 (age 61)

Eddie Marshall And Holy Mischief   Ruddy Duck Records RD1000   1999

Jeff Cressman, trombone #9; Kenny Brooks, tenor, soprano sax; Paul Nagel, piano; Jeff Chambers, acoustic bass; Eddie Marshall, drums, alto recorder.

OTR Studios, Belmont, CA, released September, 1999

1.Holy Mischief
2.Monsieur De Charles
3.Remember When
4.Luna Nueva
5.Sue Jeanius
6.Dreams That Dance
7.Too Much Romance
8.The Bridges Of Terrell County