Dreams Catalog


Dreams  (Columbia C 30225)

Randy Brecker, trumpet, flugelhorn; Barry Rogers, trombone, Wagner tuba; Michael Brecker, tenor sax, flute; Jeff Kent, keyboards, guitar, vocal; Doug Lubahn, bass, vocal; Bill Cobham Jr., drums, percussion; Edward Vernon, lead vocal; with special thanks to John Abercrombie, lead guitar.

CBS Studios, Chicago, IL, CBS Studios, NYC and A&R Studios, NYC, 1970

Devil Lady
15 Miles To Provo
The Maryanne
Holli Be Home
Try Me
Dream Suite: Asset Stop; Jane; Crunchy Grenola
New York

** also released on Columbia C 30225 (alt.), CK 47906; Sony Music Special Products A 28334.


Dreams - Imagine My Surprise  (Columbia C 30960)

Randy Brecker, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal; Barry Rogers, trombone, Weinstein tuba, alto horn, vocal; Mike Brecker, tenor, soprano sax, flute; Don Grolnick, keyboards, vocal; Bob Mann, guitar, flugelhorn, vocal; Will Lee, bass, vocal; Billy Cobham, drums, percussion; Edward Vernon, lead vocal #1-3,5,6,8; Will Lee, lead vocal #4,6,7; Randy Brecker, vocal #9; with special thanks: Steve Cropper, additional guitar #1, background vocal #3,7; Angel Allende, conga drums #1; Toni Torrence, background vocal #2.

TMI Sound Studios, Memphis, TN and CBS Studios, NYC, 1971

1.Calico Baby
2.Why Can't I Find A Home
3.Child Of Wisdom
4.Just Be Ourselves
5.I Can't Hear You
6.Here She Comes Now
7.Don't Cry My Lady
8.Medicated Goo
9.Imagine My Surprise

** also released on Sony Music Special Products A 28333.