Don Roberts Catalog


Don Roberts - Ja-Da / Roger Bell - Oh That Sigh  (Ampersand (Au) 1)

Max Kaminsky, trumpet; Ade Monsbourgh, valve trombone; Don Roberts, clarinet, tenor sax; Don Banks, piano; Norm Baker, guitar; Lyn Challen, bass; Laurie Howells, drums.
Melbourne, Australia, September 19, 1943
** also issued on Tempo (E) A 4.


Pixie Roberts - Dusty Rag / no info  (Swaggie (Au) S 1004)

Don Roberts, clarinet; Ade Monsbourgh, piano; Roger Bell, drums.
Melbourne, Australia, August, 1949
Dusty Rag

Pixie Roberts - Blues In Thirds / Big Butter And Egg Man  (Ampersand (Au) S 26)

Bruce Gray, clarinet; Don Roberts, clarinet, tenor sax; Keith Stackhouse, piano; Jack Varney, banjo; Don Reid, drums.
Melbourne, Australia, December 30, 1949
M197Blues In Thirds
M198Big Butter And Egg Man