Dick Garcia Catalog

1955 (age 24)

Jimmy Raney, Chuck Wayne, Joe Puma, Dick Garcia - The Fourmost Guitars  (ABC-Paramount ABC-109)

Dick Garcia, Joe Puma, guitar; Dante Martucci, bass; Al Levitt, drums.

NYC, December 18, 1955

149 (5050)I'm Old Fashioned
150 (5051)Time Was

same personnel.

NYC, December 30, 1955

170 (5055)Ain't Misbehavin'
174 (5059)Li'l Basses


Richie "Dick" Garcia - A Message From Garcia  (Dawn DLP 1106)

Tony Scott, clarinet; Richie "Dick" Garcia, guitar; John Drew, bass; Camille Morin, drums.

NYC, 1956

Have You Met Miss Jones
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

Gene Quill, alto sax; Terry Pollard, piano; Richie "Dick" Garcia, guitar; Bill Anthony, bass; Frank Isola, drums.

If I'm Lucky
The Deacon
Stompin' At The Savoy
It Could Happen To You

Bill Evans, piano; Richie "Dick" Garcia, guitar; Jerry Bruno, bass; Camille Morin, drums.

Kimona My House
Like Someone In Love
Every Night About This Time

** also released on Seeco CELP 428, CELP 4280 as Tony Scott, Bill Evans, Gene Quill, Dick Garcia - The Hi-Fi Land Of Jazz.