David Schnitter Discography

1976 (age 28)

David Schnitter Quartet

Dave Schnitter, tenor sax; Mickey Tucker, piano; James Leary, bass; Ed Marshall, drums.

Different Fur Studios, San Francisco, CA, May 6 and 7, 1976

InvitationMuse MR 5108
Blue Monk-
Body & Soul-
Donna Lee-
Fat Face Fenner's Saloon-

* Muse MR 5108   David Schnitter - Invitation


David Schnitter Quintet

Claudio Roditi, trumpet #2,4; David Schnitter, tenor sax; Hubert Eaves, keyboards; Cecil McBee, bass; Eddie Moore, drums.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October 29, 1977

1.Swing ThingMuse MR 5153
3.My Funny Valentine-
4.Memories Part Two-
5.Night And Day-

* Muse MR 5153   David Schnitter - Goliath

1978 (age 30)

David Schnitter Sextet

David Schnitter, tenor sax, vocal #4,6,7; Kenny Barron, piano; Ted Dunbar, guitar; Cecil McBee, bass; Billy Hart, drums; Guilherme Franco, congas, percussion, voice #4.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 13, 1978

1.ThunderingMuse MR 5197
3.Flying Colors-
4.Caa Purange-
5.Herb's Blues-
6.There Goes The Ball Game-
7.If I Loved YouMuse MR 5222

* Muse MR 5197   David Schnitter - Thundering
* Muse MR 5222   Dave Schnitter - Glowing


Dave Schnitter Quintet

Claudio Roditi, trumpet, flugelhorn; Dave Schnitter, tenor sax; Albert Dailey, piano; Mark Helias, bass; Eddie Blackwell, drums.

Downtown Sound, NYC, July 10, 1979

Where Or WhenMuse MR 5222
Darn That Dream-
I'll Remember April-
These Foolish Things-

* Muse MR 5222   Dave Schnitter - Glowing

2001 (age 53)

Dave Schnitter Quartet

James Zollar, trumpet; Dave Schnitter, tenor sax; Thomas Bramerie, bass; Jimmy Madison, drums.

NYC, February, 2001

Dili DaliSunnyside SSC 4701
For All We Know-
Sooner Or Later-
All Or Nothing At All-
Flirtation With Faust-
You Don't Know What Love Is-

* Sunnyside SSC 4701   Dave Schnitter - Sketch


David Schnitter Trio

David Schnitter, tenor sax; Dominic Duval, bass; Newman Taylor Baker, drums.

The Spirit Room, Rossie, NY, February 14, 2007

My Shining HourCIMP #363
Criss Cross-
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes-
Jitterbug Waltz-
Never Let Me Go-
Blues For John-
In A Sentimental Mood-
Bright Mississippi Georgia-

* CIMP #363   David Schnitter, Dominic Duval, Newman Taylor Baker - The Spirit Of Things