Curtis Lundy Catalog

1985 (age 30)

Curtis Lundy - Just Be Yourself  (New Note NN1003)

Robert Watson, alto sax; Steve Nelson, vibes; Hank Jones, piano; Curtis Lundy, bass; Kenny Washington, drums; Carmen Lundy, vocal #3,5.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1985

1.Jabbo's Revenge
2.Silver's Serenade
3.Funny (Not Much)
5.Never Gonna Let You Go
6.Just Be Yourself
8.Shaw 'Nuff

** also released on New Note NN1003CD; Evidence ECD 22179-2.

1999 (age 44)

Curtis Lundy - Against All Odds  (Justin Time (Canadian) JUST 129-2)

Peven Everett, trumpet; Roy Hargrove, trumpet, flute, flugelhorn; Bobby Watson, alto sax; Shelley Carrol, tenor sax; John Hicks, Anthony Wonsey, piano; Curtis Lundy, bass; Winard Harper, drums; Carmen Lundy, voice.

Sound On Sound, NYC, April 1 and 2, 1999

Player's Anthem
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
A Long Journey
Where'd It Go?
Sweet Audrey
Blue Woman
All Things Being Equal Are Not


Curtis Lundy - Purpose  (Justin Time (Canadian) JUST 175-2)

Mark Shim, tenor sax; Steve Nelson, vibes; John Hicks, Anthony Wonsey, piano; Curtis Lundy, bass; Billy Hart, drums.

Sound On Sound, NYC, October 1 and 2, 2001

Snake Eyes
Shape Shifting
A Walk In Serendipity
Love Transforms
Two Heartbeats
Pas De Trois
Blues For J.A.