Jazz Discography Project: Contents

List of jazz musicians:

Adderley, Cannonball [Julian Edwin] (born September 15, 1928, Tampa, FL; died August 8, 1975, Gary, IN), alto saxophonist.

Ammons, Gene [Eugene; Jug] (born April 14, 1925, Chicago; died August 6, 1974, Chicago), tenor saxophonist.

Ayler, Albert (born July 13, 1936, Cleveland, OH; died November between 5 and 25, 1970, New York), tenor saxophonist.

Baker, Chet [Chesney Henry] (born December 23, 1929, Yale, OK; died May 13, 1988, Amsterdam, Netherlands), trumpeter and singer.

Blakey, Art [Buhaina, Abdullah ibn] (born October 11, 1919, Pittsburgh, PA; died October 16, 1990, New York), drummer.

Brooks, Tina [Harold Floyd] (born June 7, 1932, Fayetteville, NC; died August 13, 1974, New York), tenor saxophonist.

Brown, Clifford [Brownie] (born October 30, 1930, Wilmington, DE; died June 26, 1956, Pennsylvania, PA), trumpeter.

Brubeck, Dave [David Warren] (born December 6, 1920, Concord, CA; died December 5, 2012, Norwalk, CT), pianist.

Bryant, Ray [Raphael] (born December 24, 1931, Philadelphia, PA; died June 2, 2011, New York), pianist.

Byrd, Donald(son Toussaint L'Ouverture, II) (born December 9, 1932, Detroit, MI; died February 4, 2013, Dover, DE), trumpeter.

Clark, Sonny [Conrad Yeatis] (born July 21, 1931, Herminie, near Elizabeth, PA; died January 13, 1963, New York), pianist.

Coleman, Ornette (born March 9, 1930, Fort Worth, TX; died June 11, 2015, New York), alto saxophonist.

Coltrane, John (William) [Trane] (born September 23, 1926, Hamlet, NC; died July 17, 1967, Huntington, New York), tenor and soprano saxophonist.

Corea, Chick [Armando Anthony] (born June 12, 1941, Chelsea, MA; died February 9, 2021, Tampa Bay, FL), pianist.

Criss, Sonny [William] (born October 23, 1927, Memphis, TN; died November 19, 1977, Los Angeles), alto saxophonist.

Davis, Miles (Dewey, III) [Prince of Darkness] (born May 26, 1926, Alton, IL; died September 28, 1991, Santa Monica, CA), trumpeter.

Desmond [Breitenfeld], Paul (Emil) (born November 25, 1924, San Francisco; died May 30, 1977, New York), alto saxophonist.

Dolphy, Eric (Allan) (born June 20, 1928, Los Angeles; died June 29, 1964, Berlin, West Germany), alto saxophonist.

Donaldson, Lou (born November 1, 1926, Badin, NC), alto saxophonist and singer.

Dorham, Kenny [McKinley Howard] (born August 30, 1924, near Fairfield, TX; died December 5, 1972, New York), trumpeter.

Drew, Kenny [Kenneth Sidney] (born August 28, 1928, New York; died August 4, 1993, Copenhagen, Denmark), pianist.

Evans, Bill [William John] (born August 16, 1929, Plainfield, NJ; died September 15, 1980, New York), pianist.

Flanagan, Tommy (Lee) (born March 16, 1930, Detroit, MI; died November 16, 2001, New York), pianist.

Garland, Red [William M.] (born May 15, 1923, Dallas, TX; died April 23, 1984, Dallas, TX), pianist.

Getz, Stan(ley) (born February 2, 1927, Philadelphia, PA; died June 6, 1991, Malibu, near Los Angeles), tenor saxophonist.

Gillespie, Dizzy [John Birks] (born October 21, 1917, Cheraw, SC; died January 6, 1993, Englewood, NJ), trumpeter.

Gordon, Dexter (Keith) (born February 27, 1923, Los Angeles; died April 25, 1990, Philadelphia, PA), tenor saxophonist.

Green, Grant (born June 6, 1931, St. Louis, MO; died January 31, 1979, New York), guitarist.

Griffin, Johnny [John Arnold, III; Little Giant] (born April 24, 1928, Chicago; died July 25, 2008, Mauprevior, France), tenor saxophonist.

Haig, Al(lan Warren) (born July 22, 1924, Newark, NJ; died November 16, 1982, New York), pianist.

Hawes, Hampton (born November 13, 1928, Los Angeles; died May 22, 1977, Los Angeles), pianist.

Henderson, Joe [Joseph A.] (born April 24, 1937, Lima, OH; died June 30, 2001, San Francisco), tenor saxophonist.

Jackson, Milt(on) [Bags] (born January 1, 1923, Detroit, MI; died October 9, 1999, New York), vibraphonist.

Jarrett, Keith (born May 8, 1945, Allentown, PA), pianist.

Jones, Elvin (Roy) (born September 9, 1927, Pontiac, MI; died May 18, 2004, New Jersey), drummer.

Jones, Philly Joe [Joseph Rudolph] (born July 15, 1923, Philadelphia, PA; died August 30, 1985, Philadelphia, PA), drummer.

Jordan, Duke [Irving Sidney] (born April 1, 1922, New York; died August 8, 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark), pianist.

Kelly, Wynton (born December 2, 1931, Jamaica; died April 12, 1971, Toronto, Canada), pianist.

Kirk, (Rahsaan) Roland (born August 7, 1936, Columbus, OH; died December 5, 1977, Bloomingto, IN), tenor saxophonist.

LaFaro, Scott (born April 3, 1936, Newark, NJ; died July 6, 1961, Geneva, NY), double bassist.

Little, Booker(, Jr.) (born April 2, 1938, Memphis, TN; died October 5, 1961, New York), trumpeter.

McLean, Jackie [John Lenwood, Jr.: Abdul Kareem, Omar Ahmed] (born May 17, 1932, New York; died March 31, 2006, Hartford, CT), alto saxophonist.

Metheny, Pat(rick Bruce) (born August 12, 1954, Lee's Summit, MO), electric guitarist.

Mingus, Charles(, Jr.) (born April 22, 1922, Nogales, AZ; died January 5, 1979, Cuernavaca, Mexico), double bassist and pianist.

Mobley, Hank [Henry] (born July 7, 1930, Eastman, GA; died May 30, 1986, Philadelphia, PA), tenor saxophonist.

Monk, Thelonious (Sphere) [Thelious Junior] (born October 10, 1917, Rocky Mount, NC; died February 17, 1982, Weehawken, NJ), pianist.

Montgomery, Wes [John Leslie] (born March 6, 1923, Indianapolis, IN; died June 15, 1968, Indianapolis, IN), guitarist.

Morgan, Lee (born July 10, 1938, Philadelphia, PA; died February 19, 1972, New York), trumpeter.

Navarro, Fats [Theodore] (born September 24, 1923, Key West, FL; died July 7, 1950, New York), trumpeter.

Newborn, Phineas(, Jr.) (born December 14, 1931, Whiteville, TN; died May 26, 1989, Memphis, TN), pianist.

Parker, Charlie [Charles, Jr.; Bird; Chan, Charlie; Yardbird] (born August 29, 1920, Kansas City, KS; died March 12, 1955, New York), alto saxophonist.

Pearson, Duke [Columbus Calvin, Jr.] (born August 17, 1932, Atlanta, GA; died August 4, 1980, Atlanta, GA), pianist.

Pepper, Art(hur Edward, Jr.) (born September 1, 1925, Gardena, CA; died June 15, 1982, Panorama, CA), alto saxophonist.

Peterson, Oscar (Emmanuel) (born August 15, 1925, Montreal, Canada; died December 23, 2007, Mississauga, Canada), pianist.

Powell, Bud [Earl] (born September 27, 1924, Harlem, NY; died July 31, 1966, New York), pianist.

Roach, Max(well) (born January 10, 1924, New Land, NC; died August 16, 2007, Manhattan, NY), drummer.

Rollins, Sonny [Theodore Walter; Newk] (born September 9, 1930, New York), tenor saxophonist.

Sanders, Pharoah [Farrell] (born October 13, 1940, Little Rock, AR; died September 24, 2022, Los Angeles), tenor saxophonist.

Scott, Shirley (born March 14, 1934, Philadelphia, PA; died March 10, 2002, Philadelphia, PA), organist.

Shepp, Archie (Vernon) (born May 24, 1937, Fort Lauderdale, FL), tenor saxophonist.

Shorter, Wayne (born August 25, 1933, Newark, NJ; died March 2, 2023, Los Angeles), tenor and soprano saxophonist.

Silver [Silva], Horace (Ward Martin Tavares) (born September 2, 1928, Norwalk, CT; died June 18, 2014, New Rochelle, NY), pianist.

Sims, Zoot [John Haley] (born October 29, 1925, Inglewood, CA; died March 23, 1985, New York), tenor saxophonist.

Timmons, Bobby [Robert Henry] (born December 19, 1935, Philadelphia, PA; died March 1, 1974, New York), pianist.

Tristano, Lennie [Leonard Joseph] (born March 19, 1919, Chicago; died November 18, 1978, New York), pianist.

Turrentine, Stanley (William) (born April 5, 1934, Pittsburgh, PA; died September 12, 2000, New York), tenor saxophonist.

Tyner, (Alfred) McCoy [Saud, Sulaimon] (born December 11, 1938, Philadelphia, PA; died March 6, 2020, New Jersey), pianist.

Waldron, Mal(colm Earl) (born August 16, 1926, New York; died December 2, 2002, Brussels, Belgium), pianist.

List of record labels:

Atlantic Records (founded 1947, New York; Herb Abramson and Ahmet Ertegun), record company and label.

Bethlehem Music Corp. (founded fall 1953, New York; Gustav Wildi), record company and label.

Blue Note Records (founded January 6, 1939, New York; Alfred Lion), record company and label.

Candid Records (founded 1960, New York; Archie Bleyer and Nat Hentoff), record label.

Contemporary Records (founded 1951, Los Angeles; Lester Koenig), record company and label.

CTI Records (founded 1967, New York; Creed Taylor), record company and label.

Debut Records (founded 1952, New York; Charles, Celia Mingus and Max Roach), record company and label.

Dial Records (founded 1946, Hollywood, CA; Ross Russell), record company and label.

ECM Records (founded 1969, Munich, Germany; Manfred Eicher), record company and label.

ESP-Disk' (founded 1963, New York; Bernard Stollman), record company and label.

Impulse! Records (founded 1960, New York; Creed Taylor and Bob Thiele), record company and label.

Landmark Records (founded 1985, Berkeley, CA; Orrin Keepnews), record company and label.

Mercury Records (founded around 1945, New York; Irving Green, Berle Adams and Arthur Talmadge), record company and label.

Pablo Records (founded 1973, Los Angeles; Norman Granz and Pablo Picasso), record company and label.

Pacific Jazz Records (founded 1952, Los Angeles; Richard Bock and Roy Harte), record company and label.

Prestige Records (founded 1949, New York; Bob Weinstock), record company and label.

Riverside Records (founded summer 1952, New York; Bill Grauer and Orrin Keepnews), record company and label.

Savoy Records (founded late 1942, Newark, NJ; Herman Lubinsky and Ozzie Cadena), record company and label.

Verve Records (founded 1956, Los Angeles; Norman Granz), record company and label.

RVG a documentary:

Van Gelder, Rudy [Rudolph; RVG] (born November 2, 1924, Jersey City, NJ; died August 25, 2016, Englewood Cliffs, NJ), recording, mixing, mastering and cutting engineer.