Jazz Discography Project: Contents

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List of jazz musicians:

Adderley, Cannonball [Julian Edwin] (born Tampa, FL, September 15, 1928; died Gary, IN, August 8, 1975) alto saxophonist.

Ammons, Gene [Eugene; Jug] (born Chicago, IL, April 14, 1925; died Chicago, IL, August 6, 1974) tenor saxophonist.

Ayler, Albert (born Cleveland, OH, July 13, 1936; died New York, November between 5 and 25, 1970) tenor saxophonist.

Baker, Chet [Chesney Henry] (born Yale, OK, December 23, 1929; died Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 13, 1988) trumpeter and singer.

Blakey, Art [Buhaina, Abdullah ibn] (born Pittsburgh, PA, October 11, 1919; died New York, October 16, 1990) drummer.

Brooks, Tina [Harold Floyd] (born Fayetteville, NC, June 7, 1932; died New York, August 13, 1974) tenor saxophonist.

Brown, Clifford [Brownie] (born Wilmington, DE, October 30, 1930; died Pennsylvania, PA, June 26, 1956) trumpeter.

Brubeck, Dave [David Warren] (born Concord, CA, December 6, 1920; died Norwalk, CT, December 5, 2012) pianist.

Bryant, Ray [Raphael] (born Philadelphia, PA, December 24, 1931; died New York, June 2, 2011) pianist.

Byrd, Donald(son Toussaint L'Ouverture, II) (born Detroit, MI, December 9, 1932; died Dover, DE, February 4, 2013) trumpeter.

Clark, Sonny [Conrad Yeatis] (born Herminie, near Elizabeth, PA, July 21, 1931; died New York, January 13, 1963) pianist.

Coleman, Ornette (born Fort Worth, TX, March 9, 1930; died New York, June 11, 2015) alto saxophonist.

Coltrane, John (William) [Trane] (born Hamlet, NC, September 23, 1926; died Huntington, New York, July 17, 1967) tenor and soprano saxophonist.

Corea, Chick [Armando Anthony] (born Chelsea, MA, June 12, 1941) pianist.

Criss, Sonny [William] (born Memphis, TN, October 23, 1927; died Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 1977) alto saxophonist.

Davis, Miles (Dewey, III) [Prince of Darkness] (born Alton, IL, May 26, 1926; died Santa Monica, CA, September 28, 1991) trumpeter.

Desmond [Breitenfeld], Paul (Emil) (born San Francisco, November 25, 1924; died New York, May 30, 1977) alto saxophonist.

Dolphy, Eric (Allan) (born Los Angeles, CA, June 20, 1928; died Berlin, West Germany, June 29, 1964) alto saxophonist.

Donaldson, Lou (born Badin, NC, November 1, 1926) alto saxophonist and singer.

Dorham, Kenny [McKinley Howard] (born near Fairfield, TX, August 30, 1924; died New York, December 5, 1972) trumpeter.

Drew, Kenny [Kenneth Sidney] (born New York, August 28, 1928; died Copenhagen, Denmark, August 4, 1993) pianist.

Evans, Bill [William John] (born Plainfield, NJ, August 16, 1929; died New York, September 15, 1980) pianist.

Flanagan, Tommy (Lee) (born Detroit, MI, March 16, 1930; died New York, November 16, 2001) pianist.

Garland, Red [William M.] (born Dallas, TX, May 15, 1923; died Dallas, TX, April 23, 1984) pianist.

Getz, Stan(ley) (born Philadelphia, PA, February 2, 1927; died Malibu, near Los Angeles, CA, June 6, 1991) tenor saxophonist.

Gillespie, Dizzy [John Birks] (born Cheraw, SC, October 21, 1917; died Englewood, NJ, January 6, 1993) trumpeter.

Gordon, Dexter (Keith) (born Los Angeles, CA, February 27, 1923; died Philadelphia, PA, April 25, 1990) tenor saxophonist.

Green, Grant (born St. Louis, MO, June 6, 1931; died New York, January 31, 1979) guitarist.

Griffin, Johnny [John Arnold, III; Little Giant] (born Chicago, IL, April 24, 1928; died Mauprevior, France, July 25, 2008) tenor saxophonist.

Haig, Al(lan Warren) (born Newark, NJ, July 22, 1924; died New York, November 16, 1982) pianist.

Hawes, Hampton (born Los Angeles, CA, November 13, 1928; died Los Angeles, CA, May 22, 1977) pianist.

Henderson, Joe [Joseph A.] (born Lima, OH, April 24, 1937; died San Francisco, CA, June 30, 2001) tenor saxophonist.

Jackson, Milt(on) [Bags] (born Detroit, MI, January 1, 1923; died New York, October 9, 1999) vibraphonist.

Jarrett, Keith (born Allentown, PA, May 8, 1945) pianist.

Jones, Elvin (Roy) (born Pontiac, MI, September 9, 1927; died New Jersey, May 18, 2004) drummer.

Jones, Philly Joe [Joseph Rudolph] (born Philadelphia, PA, July 15, 1923; died Philadelphia, PA, August 30, 1985) drummer.

Jordan, Duke [Irving Sidney] (born New York, April 1, 1922; died Copenhagen, Denmark, August 8, 2006) pianist.

Kelly, Wynton (born Jamaica, December 2, 1931; died Toronto, ON, Canada, April 12, 1971) pianist.

Kirk, (Rahsaan) Roland (born Columbus, OH, August 7, 1936; died Bloomingto, IN, December 5, 1977) tenor saxophonist.

LaFaro, Scott (born Newark, NJ, April 3, 1936; died Geneva, NY, July 6, 1961) double bassist.

Little, Booker(, Jr.) (born Memphis, TN, April 2, 1938; died New York, October 5, 1961) trumpeter.

McLean, Jackie [John Lenwood, Jr.: Abdul Kareem, Omar Ahmed] (born New York, May 17, 1932; died Hartford, CT, March 31, 2006) alto saxophonist.

Metheny, Pat(rick Bruce) (born Lee's Summit, MO, August 12, 1954) electric guitarist.

Mingus, Charles(, Jr.) (born Nogales, AZ, April 22, 1922; died Cuernavaca, Mexico, January 5, 1979) double bassist and pianist.

Mobley, Hank [Henry] (born Eastman, GA, July 7, 1930; died Philadelphia, PA, May 30, 1986) tenor saxophonist.

Monk, Thelonious (Sphere) [Thelious Junior] (born Rocky Mount, NC, October 10, 1917; died Weehawken, NJ, February 17, 1982) pianist.

Montgomery, Wes [John Leslie] (born Indianapolis, IN, March 6, 1923; died Indianapolis, IN, June 15, 1968) guitarist.

Morgan, Lee (born Philadelphia, PA, July 10, 1938; died New York, February 19, 1972) trumpeter.

Navarro, Fats [Theodore] (born Key West, FL, September 24, 1923; died New York, July 7, 1950) trumpeter.

Newborn, Phineas(, Jr.) (born Whiteville, TN, December 14, 1931; died Memphis, TN, May 26, 1989) pianist.

Parker, Charlie [Charles, Jr.; Bird; Chan, Charlie; Yardbird] (born Kansas City, KS, August 29, 1920; died New York, March 12, 1955) alto saxophonist.

Pearson, Duke [Columbus Calvin, Jr.] (born Atlanta, GA, August 17, 1932; died Atlanta, GA, August 4, 1980) pianist.

Pepper, Art(hur Edward, Jr.) (born Gardena, CA, September 1, 1925; died Panorama, CA, June 15, 1982) alto saxophonist.

Peterson, Oscar (Emmanuel) (born Montreal, QC, Canada, August 15, 1925; died Mississauga, ON, Canada, December 23, 2007) pianist.

Powell, Bud [Earl] (born Harlem, NY, September 27, 1924; died New York, July 31, 1966) pianist.

Roach, Max(well) (born New Land, NC, January 10, 1924; died Manhattan, NY, August 16, 2007) drummer.

Rollins, Sonny [Theodore Walter; Newk] (born New York, September 9, 1930) tenor saxophonist.

Sanders, Pharoah [Farrell] (born Little Rock, AR, October 13, 1940) tenor saxophonist.

Scott, Shirley (born Philadelphia, PA, March 14, 1934; died Philadelphia, PA, March 10, 2002) organist.

Shepp, Archie (Vernon) (born Fort Lauderdale, FL, May 24, 1937) tenor saxophonist.

Shorter, Wayne (born Newark, NJ, August 25, 1933) tenor and soprano saxophonist.

Silver [Silva], Horace (Ward Martin Tavares) (born Norwalk, CT, September 2, 1928; died New Rochelle, NY, June 18, 2014) pianist.

Sims, Zoot [John Haley] (born Inglewood, CA, October 29, 1925; died New York, March 23, 1985) tenor saxophonist.

Timmons, Bobby [Robert Henry] (born Philadelphia, PA, December 19, 1935; died New York, March 1, 1974) pianist.

Tristano, Lennie [Leonard Joseph] (born Chicago, IL, March 19, 1919; died New York, November 18, 1978) pianist.

Turrentine, Stanley (William) (born Pittsburgh, PA, April 5, 1934; died New York, September 12, 2000) tenor saxophonist.

Tyner, (Alfred) McCoy [Saud, Sulaimon] (born Philadelphia, PA, December 11, 1938) pianist.

Waldron, Mal(colm Earl) (born New York, August 16, 1926; died Brussels, Belgium, December 2, 2002) pianist.

List of record labels:

Atlantic Records (founded New York, 1947; Herb Abramson and Ahmet Ertegun) record company and label.

Bethlehem Music Corp. (founded New York, fall 1953; Gustav Wildi) record company and label.

Blue Note Records (founded New York, January 6, 1939; Alfred Lion) record company and label.

Candid Records (founded New York, 1960; Archie Bleyer and Nat Hentoff) record label.

Contemporary Records (founded Los Angeles, CA, 1951; Lester Koenig) record company and label.

CTI Records (founded New York, 1967; Creed Taylor) record company and label.

Debut Records (founded New York, 1952; Charles, Celia Mingus and Max Roach) record company and label.

Dial Records (founded Hollywood, CA, 1946; Ross Russell) record company and label.

ECM Records (founded Munich, Germany, 1969; Manfred Eicher) record company and label.

ESP-Disk' (founded New York, 1963; Bernard Stollman) record company and label.

Impulse! Records (founded New York, 1960; Creed Taylor and Bob Thiele) record company and label.

Mercury Records (founded New York, around 1945; Irving Green, Berle Adams and Arthur Talmadge) record company and label.

Pablo Records (founded Los Angeles, CA, 1973; Norman Granz and Pablo Picasso) record company and label.

Pacific Jazz Records (founded Los Angeles, CA, 1952; Richard Bock and Roy Harte) record company and label.

Prestige Records (founded New York, 1949; Bob Weinstock) record company and label.

Riverside Records (founded New York, summer 1952; Bill Grauer and Orrin Keepnews) record company and label.

Savoy Records (founded Newark, NJ, late 1942; Herman Lubinsky and Ozzie Cadena) record company and label.

Verve Records (founded Los Angeles, CA, 1956; Norman Granz) record company and label.