Jazz Man Records Catalog: Ten Inch series

Jazz Man Ten Inch series (10 inch LP)

LJ 331   George Lewis' Ragtime Band Vol. 1   1953

Avery 'Kid' Howard, trumpet, vocal #1,3; Jim Robinson, trombone; George Lewis, clarinet; Alton Purnell, piano; Lawrence Marrero, banjo; Alcide Pavageau, bass; Joe Watkins, drums, vocal #2,3,5; Monette Moore, vocal #6.

Capitol Records, Los Angeles, CA, October 26, 1953

1. CB718-2Saints Go Marching In
2. CB675-2Doctor Jazz
3. CB695-1Closer Walk With Thee
4. CB717-1Ice Cream
5. CB676-3Down By The Riverside
6. tk.1Burgundy Street

LJ 332-X   Kid Ory's Creole Band, Johnny Wittwer Trio - World Famous Exner Kid Ory-Johnny Wittwer Sessions   1954

Joe Darensbourg, clarinet; Johnny Wittwer, piano; Keith Purvis, drums.

KOL Radio Studio, Seattle, WA, September 26, 1944

3889Joe's Blues
3890Wolverine Blues
3891Come Back Sweet Papa
3892Tiger Rag

Thomas "Papa Mutt" Carey, cornet; Edward "Kid" Ory, trombone; Joe Darensbourg, clarinet; Albert "Buster" Wilson, piano; Arthur "Bud" Scott, guitar; Edward Garland, bass; Alton Redd, drums.

Los Angeles, CA, February 12, 1945

EX5Dippermouth Blues (as Sugarfoot Stomp)
EX6Savoy Blues
EX7High Society
EX8Ballin' The Jack

LJ 333   no information

Johnny Lucas, trumpet, vocal; Mike Hobi, trombone; Matty Matlock, clarinet, flute; Jess Stacy, piano; Len Esterdahl, banjo; Bob Stone, bass; Monte Mountjoy, drums.

Los Angeles, CA, February, 1954

High Society
Lazy River
Loveless Love Blues

LJ 334   no information

Bob Higgins, cornet; Moe Schneider, trombone; Rosy McHargue, clarinet; Earl Sturgis, piano; Ray Leatherwood, bass; George Defebaugh, drums; Rink Leslie, vocal.

Los Angeles, CA, April 2, 1952

Night Wind
That Mysterious Rag
Don't Bring Me Posies
They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Aroun'
Down In Jungle Town

LJ 335   no information

Marvin Ash, piano.

Los Angeles, CA, December 14, 1954

Music Box Rag
Shakespearean Rag
Ragtime Romeo
Old Folks Rag
Searchlight Rag
Those Ragtime Melodies
Old Man Jazz
A Ragtime Sheedaler's Ball