Charlie Persip Catalog

1960 (age 31)

Charles Persip And The Jazz Statesmen  (Bethlehem BCP-6046)

Freddie Hubbard, trumpet #1,2,4,5; Marcus Belgrave, trumpet #3; Roland Alexander, tenor sax; Ronald Mathews, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Charles Persip, drums.

NYC, April 2, 1960

2.The Song Is You
3. 6575Right Down Front
4. 6574Soul March
5.The Champ (A Suite In Six Movements)

1980 (age 51)

Charli Persip And Gerry LaFurn's 17-Piece Superband  (Stash ST-209)

Chris Albert, Jim Bossy, Frank Gordon, Gerry LaFurn, Jack Walrath, trumpet; Gerard Carelli, Dick Griffin, Charles Stephens, trombone; Bob Stewart, tuba; Bobby Porcelli, Monty Waters, alto sax; Orpheus Gaitanopoulos, Bill Saxton, tenor sax; Gary Smulyan, baritone sax; Gary Dial, piano; Cameron Brown, bass; Charli Persip, drums.

JAC Recording, NYC, October 10 and 13, 1980

On The Road
Once In A While
King Duke


Charli Persip And Superband (II) - In Case You Missed It  (Soul Note (It) SN 1079)

Eddie J. Allen, Frank Gordon, Ambrose Jackson, Ron Tooley, trumpet; Jack Walrath, guest solo trumpet; Clarence Banks, Jason Forsythe, David Graf, trombone; Carl Kleinsteuber, tuba; Monty Waters, Bobby Watson, alto sax; Orpheus Gaitanopoulos, Alan Givens, tenor sax; Bill Saxton, guest solo tenor sax; Fred Houn, baritone sax; Richard Clements, piano; Anthony Cox, bass; Charli Persip, drums; Eli Fountain, percussion.

Vanguard Studios, NYC, September 12 and 13, 1984

In Case You Missed It
Marching Out And Dancing In
Round About Midnight
Plutonian Images
Willow Weep For Me
Killer Joe


Charli Persip And Superband - No Dummies Allowed  (Soul Note (It) 121179-1)

Tony Barrero, Ambrose Jackson, Genghis Nor, Jack Walrath, trumpet; Nathan Durham, Jason Forsythe, Matt Haviland, Herb Hubel, trombone; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Sayyd Abdul Al-Khabyyr, Sue Terry, alto sax, flute; Orpheus Gaitanopoulos, Craig Rivers, tenor sax, flute; Pablo Calajero, baritone sax; Darrell Grant, piano; Melissa Slocum, bass; Charli Persip, drums; Eli Fountain, percussion.

Sound Ideas Studios, NYC, November 19 and 25, 1987

Revenge Of The Fat People
Strange Crazy Heartache: Strange Fruit; Crazy He Calls Me; Good Morning Headache
Vital Seconds
Thruway Traffic
Desert Ship
Inner Urge

** also released on Soul Note (It) 121179-2.