Cal Massey Discography

1961 (age 33)

Cal Massey Sextet

Calvin 'Cal' Massey, trumpet; Julius Watkins, French horn; Hugh Brodie, tenor sax; Patti Bown, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; G.T. Hogan, drums; Nat Hentoff, supervisor.

Nola Penthouse Sound Studios, NYC, January 13, 1961

Blues To ColtraneCandid (Eu) CS 9029
What's Wrong-
These Are Soulful Days-
Father And SonCandid CJM 8019, (Eu) CS 9029

* Candid (Eu) CS 9029, (E) CCD79029   Cal Massey - Blues To Coltrane
* Candid CJM 8019, CJS 9019; Barnaby BR-5021; Candid (Eu) CS 9019, (E) CCD79019   Various Artists - The Jazz Life!