Barbara Long Catalog

1961 (age 29)

The Voice Of Barbara Long - Soul  (Savoy MG 12161)

Billy Howell, trumpet; Booker Ervin, tenor sax; Nat Phipps, piano; George Tucker, bass; Al Harewood, drums; Barbara Long, vocal.

Medallion Studio, Newark, NJ, January 5, 1961

SBL746It's Heaven
SBL747Largo To Oscar
SBL748Where Is Lonesome
SBL749Green Dolphin Street
SBL750When You're Smiling

same personnel.

Medallion Studio, Newark, NJ, January 10, 1961

SBL751Squeeze Me
SBL753Gee Baby
SBL754Swan Lake
SBL755Call Me Darling
SBL756You Don't Know What Love Is
SBL757Trolley Song