Savoy Records Discography: 1966-present


Vinson Hill Trio

Vinson Hill (piano) Ronnie Markowitz (bass) John Lee (drums)
April 11, 1966
Night And DaySavoy MG 12187
Pokes Theme-
Indian Spiritual-
Lavender's Theme-
Young And Foolish-
Rubato Jazz-
* Savoy MG 12187   Vinson Hill Trio

Valdo Williams Trio

Valdo Williams (piano) Reggie Johnson (bass) Stu Martin (drums)
December 20, 1966
Desert FoxSavoy MG 12188
Bad Manners-
Move Faster-
The Conqueror-
* Savoy MG 12188   Valdo Williams - New Advanced Jazz

The Robert F. Pozar Ensemble

Mike Zwerin (trombone, bass trumpet) Kathy Morris (cello) Jimmy Garrison (bass) Robert Pozar (drums)
The Mechanical Answering Service Of Chris And Martha WhiteSavoy MG 12189, SJL 2235
Robin HoodSavoy MG 12189
Keying In Your Bank-
MaiaSavoy MG 12189, SJL 2235
Good Golly, Miss NancySavoy MG 12189
* Savoy MG 12189   Robert F. Pozar - Good Golly, Miss Nancy
* Savoy SJL 2235   Various Artists - New Music - 2nd Wave

1967 (25th anniversary)

Marc Levin Quintet

Jonas Gwanga (trombone) Marc Levin (flute, brass) Calo Scott (cello) Cecil McBee (bass) Frank Clayton (drums)
Stereo Sound Studios, NYC, 1967
Morning ColorsSavoy MG 12190
The Dragon And The Rainbow: Form With The Modern Men-
The Rainbow-
Twilight Dance-
Meditation: The Sea, The Fire, The Earth-
* Savoy MG 12190   Marc Levin - The Dragon Suite

Ed Curran Quartet

Marc Levin (cornet, flugelhorn, mellophone) Ed Curran (clarinet, alto sax) Kiyoshi Tokunaga (bass) Robert Pozar (drums)
NYC, 1967
CireSavoy MG 12191
Mid Tempo-
Looking Back-
Lady A-
* Savoy MG 12191   Ed Curran - Elysa


Paul Jeffrey Quintet

Jimmy Owens (trumpet) Paul Jeffrey (electric tenor sax) George Cables (piano) Larry Ridley (bass) Billy Hart (drums)
NYC, August 8, 1968
Made Minor BlueSavoy MG 12192
I Guess I'll Hang My Tars Out To Dry-
The Dreamer-
Green Ivan-
* Savoy MG 12192   Electrifying Sounds Of The Paul Jeffrey Quintet

Marzette Watts Group

George Turner (cornet) Marty Cook (trombone) Marzette Watts (tenor sax) Frank Kipers (violin) Bobby Few (piano) Joony Booth, Cevera Jeffers, Steve Tintweiss (bass) Tom Berge, J.C. Moses (drums) Amy Schaefer, Patty Waters (vocals)
NYC, 1968
October SongSavoy MG 12193
Lonely WomanSavoy MG 12193, SJL 2235
JoudpooSavoy MG 12193
Marzette Watts (tenor sax) Bill Dixon (piano) unknown (bass) unknown (drums)
Play It StraightSavoy MG 12193, SJL 2235
* Savoy MG 12193   The Marzette Watts Ensemble
* Savoy SJL 2235   Various Artists - New Music - 2nd Wave


Charles Moffett Quintet/Quartet

Charles Moffett (trumpet, vibes, drums, vocals) Paul Jeffrey (tenor sax, alto clarinet) Wilbur Ware (bass) Codaryl Moffett (drums -1/3,5) Dennis O'Tootle (drums -4,5)
NYC, 1969
1.Avant Garde Got Soul TooSavoy MG 12194
3.The Gift-
4.Blues Strikes Again-
* Savoy MG 12194   Charles Moffett - The Gift

Doug Carn Trio

Doug Carn (organ) Gary Starling (bass) Albert Nicholson (drums)
NYC, 1969?
Walk Right InSavoy MG 12195
Butter From The Duck-
My One And Only Love-
Motherless Child-
Free Blues-
Yna Yna Delight-
* Savoy MG 12195   The Doug Carn Trio


Faith Temple COGIC / Faith Temple Church Of God In Christ

Faith Temple COGIC (inspirational choir)
possibly circa 1970?
SFT-70-036Jesus Is A Friend Of MineSavoy 4331
SFT-70-037I Really Do Believe-
* Savoy 4331   Faith Temple COGIC - Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine / I Really Do Believe

1972 (30th anniversary)

The Bill Barron Quartet

Bill Barron (tenor sax) Kenny Barron (piano) Chris White (bass) Al Hicks (drums)
NYC, 1972
MotivationSavoy MG 12303
Land Of Sunshine-
Blues For R.A.-
Hold Back Tomorrow-
Mental Vibrations-
* Savoy MG 12303   The Bill Barron Quartet - Motivation

Rock Ferrante and others

Rock Ferrante (organ) and others
Moon RockSavoy MG 12305
America The Beautiful-
The Best Goes On-
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life-
You've Got A Friend-
Bach A La Rock-
* Savoy MG 12305   Rock Ferrante - Rock' N Rhythm


Pee Wee Ellis Group

Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax, synthesizer) Roland Hanna (electric piano) Jon Scholle (guitar) Jeff Berlin (bass) Idris Muhammad, Jimmy Strassburg (drums) Jumma Santos (congas)
NYC, October, November & December, 1976, January, 1977
Nature BoySavoy SJL 3301
John Gatchell (trumpet) Barry Rogers (trombone) Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax, Clavinet) Ernie Hayes (electric piano) Cornell Dupree, Eric Gale (guitar) Jeff Berlin (bass) Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Strassburg (drums) Jumma Santos (congas) Ray Mantilla (shakers) Charlotte Crossley, Lani Groves, Leon Thomas, Lillian Tynes (vocals)
Big Daddy-
Waymon Reed (trumpet) Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax, electric piano) George Benson, Charlie Brown (guitar) Anthony Jackson (bass) Chris Parker, Bernard Purdie (drums) Babatunde Olatunji (congas) Vivian Cherry, Lani Groves, Lillian Tynes (vocals)
Kiss And Say Goodbye-
Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax, Clavinet) Ernie Hayes (electric piano) Cornell Dupree, Eric Gale (guitar) Gordon Edwards (bass) Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Strassburg (drums)
Fort Apache-
Waymon Reed (trumpet) Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax, Clavinet, bell lyre, vocals) Roland Hanna (electric piano) Jon Scholle (guitar) Jeff Berlin (bass) Idris Muhammad, Jimmy Strassburg (drums) Jumma Santos (congas) Charlotte Crossley, Lani Groves, Dwain Jones, Melanie Jordin, Leon Thomas, Lillian Tynes (vocals)
This Is Just A Warning-
David Liebman (tenor sax) Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax, Clavinet) Roland Hanna (electric piano) Jon Scholle (guitar) Jeff Berlin (bass) Idris Muhammad, Jimmy Strassburg (drums) Jumma Santos (congas) Eleana Steinberg (vocals)
* Savoy SJL 3301   Pee Wee Ellis - Home In The Country

1993 (51th anniversary)

Curtis Fuller's Quintet

Curtis Fuller (trombone) Benny Golson (tenor sax) Tommy Flanagan (piano) Ray Drummond (bass) Al Harewood (drums)
Sound On Sound, NYC, January 4-6, 1993
Love, Your Spell Is EverywhereSavoy (J) COCY-75624
Blues-Ette '93-
Is It All A Game-
Capt' Kid-
Five Spot After Dark '93-
How Am I To Know-
Along Came Betty-
Autumn In New York-
Manhattan Serenade-
* Savoy (J) COCY-75624   Curtis Fuller's Quintet - Blues-Ette, Part II

Marc Copland Quintet

Randy Brecker (trumpet) Bob Berg (tenor sax) Marc Copland (piano) James Genus (bass) Dennis Chambers (drums)
Sound On Sound, NYC, March 4 & 5, 1993
EquinoxSavoy (J) CY-75853
I Got Rhythm-
I Loves You, Porgy-
Easy To Love-
Lover Man-
Woody'n You-
Blue In Green-
One Finger Snap-
All Blues-
* Savoy (J) CY-75853   Marc Copland Quintet - Stompin' With Savoy


Marc Copland Quartet

Marc Copland (piano) John Abercrombie (guitar) Drew Gress (bass) Billy Hart (drums)
Ambient Sounds, Stamford, CT & The Studio, NYC, April, 1996
Second LookSavoy (J) CY-18001
Happy Stance-
Au Privave-
Dark Territory-
Suite Sixteen-
If I Should Lose You-
* Savoy (J) CY-18001   Marc Copland Quartet - Second Look

1997 (55th anniversary)

Marc Copland Quintet/Trio/Quartet

Tim Hagans (trumpet -1,5,8) Joe Lovano (tenor sax -1,7) Michael Brecker (tenor sax -3,6) Marc Copland (piano) Gary Peacock (bass) Bill Stewart (drums)
The Studio, NYC, September, 1997
1.Softly, As In A Morning SunriseSavoy (J) CY-10876
2.I Love You-
3.Country Home-
4.So In Love-
6.What's Going On-
7.Not A Ballad-
8.Three Stories-
9.My Foolish Heart-
* Savoy (J) CY-10876   Marc Copland - Softly...

2003 (61th anniversary)

James Moody With Bob Belden's Orchestra

Jeremy Pelt (trumpet) Jim Rotondi (flugelhorn) David Gibson (trombone) John Clark (French horn) Lawrence Feldman (bass flute, flute) Charles Pillow (English horn) James Moody (tenor sax, rap) David Hazeltine (piano) Scott Kinsey (keyboards, electric piano, piano, programs) Vic Juris (guitar) Todd Coolman (bass) Hans Glawischnig (electric bass, bass) Billy Kilson, Anthony Pinciotti (drums) Don Alias (congas, percussion) The Kid Next Door (all other sounds) Mostly Bandits (vocals) Bob Belden (arranger)
Avatar Studios, NYC, May 21-23, 2003
A Message To MoodySavoy SVY 17200
Lazy Afternoon-
Into The Shadows-
Main Title: Glengarry, Glenross-
Simplicity And Beauty-
We All Love Moody-
Moody Tune-
And Then Again-
Love Was The Cause For All Good Things-
* Savoy SVY 17200   James Moody - Homage


Joe Turner

Joe Turner (vocals)
unknown location, date
70180unknown titleNational unknown; Savoy unknown